Six Takes on Summer at CBS Interactive

Hello Haas Community! This past summer I got the opportunity to intern with the online media company CBS Interactive. After sorting through thousands of applications, CBS Interactive’s University Relations team selected 42 students to participate in their internship program, 25 of which worked at the San Francisco office. Six of those lucky candidates were your fellow Cal Bears! I have interviewed each of these students, including myself, about their experience to help future applicants better understand the different departments within CBS Interactive and get a better understanding of what an internship with this company might be like.

Summer 2014

CBS Interactive Intern Class of Summer 2014 with current president and CEO Jim Lanzone

Name: Navneet Singh
Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration
Department at CBS Interactive: University Relations

  1. What were some of your day-to-day tasks:
    My responsibilities included developing the intern community. I worked on event panning, setting up events such as professional development workshops, orientations, and social activities. I coordinated executive briefings to give interns exposure to company leadership. I also spent lots of time creating evaluations as well as doing on-board and off-board paperwork.
  2. Describe the team you worked with:
    The University Relations department is a two-person team within Human Resources. HR covers a wide variety of roles within the company. Everyone I worked with over the summer was extremely talented. I set up one-on-one meetings with my teammates to get to know more about each of their individual roles, and walked away with a better sense of what it means to be an effective HR employee.
  3. What was your biggest achievement this summer:
    My greatest accomplishment was orchestrating an orientation session for 20 interns both in San Francisco and nation wide. My manager was out-of-town and I successfully lead the welcome orientation on my own which included an office tour through the maze that is the 6 stories of CBS Interactive headquarters, a welcome presentation, and the creation of welcome packages for all of our new interns.
  4. What was your favorite part of the summer:
    I’m torn; I have 3 favorite parts of this summer. My highlights were the company-wide Hack Day (which I helped plan), attending the Giants game, and the end of summer Intern Fair (which I also helped plan).
  5. What were some of the perks of working for CBS Interactive:
    My favorite perks were my awesome co-workers, the awesome CBSi swag, being able to wear jeans everyday, and learning so SO much in one summer.
  6. Advice for people applying to internships in University Relations:
    Make sure you have a lot of event planning skills, also make sure you like working with other people and can communicate well. You don’t have to be an awesome public speaker, just be fun, creative, and thoughtful.

Name: Christina Lee
Year: Senior
Major: Economics
Department at CBS Interactive: Business Development

  1. What were some of your day-to-day tasks:
    Working on various analyses and industry reports.
  2. Describe the team you worked with:
    All of my teammates were really patient with me and they each set aside time to talk to me 1-on-1 about some of the bigger projects that they have been working on and took extra time to explain when they assigned smaller tasks for me to take the lead on. They always gave me constructive feedback on my work and made the learning process less daunting. You could tell that all of them were really experienced in partnership management and in negotiating deals.
  3. What was your biggest achievement this summer:
    Finishing and presenting a comprehensive CNET competitive analysis.
  4. What was your favorite part of the summer:
    Working with my business development team and learning a lot from each one of them.
  5. What were some of the perks of working for CBS Interactive:
    Fun intern events like the Giants game!
  6. Advice for people applying to internships in Business Development:
    Be sure to go to the career fair, make a good impression with the recruiter, and follow-up with them!

Name: Kenny Yu
Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration
Department at CBS Interactive: Product Management

  1. What were some of your day-to-day tasks:
    My day-to-day tasks included conducting A/B testing, following up with engineers on bugs, writing product specs, communicating with various stakeholders, analyzing data and compiling reports, and other tasks as demanded.
  2. Describe the team you worked with:
    The team I worked with was a very small team, but was in the center of many other teams, such as sales, engineering, editorials, commercial, and more. We were basically the middle person for everyone.
  3. What was your biggest achievement this summer:
    My main project was over the summer was to redesign article page in tablet. I think that’s probably my biggest achievement.
  4. What was your favorite part of the summer:
    My favorite part was winning a Jawbone as a prize from Hack Day.
  5. What were some of the perks of working for CBS Interactive:
    Ping-Pong, popcorn, movies…
  6. Advice for people applying to internships in Product Management:
    Know something about product management. Two very common interview questions for product management positions are: How do you prioritize things? How do you handle conflicts?

Name: Kendal Madden
Year: Junior
Major: Business Administration & Media Studies
Department at CBS Interactive: Audience Development

  1. What were some of your day-to-day tasks:
    Some of my day-to-day tasks involved writing and designing the CNET Community Newsletter, which went out to 260,000 CNET members every Tuesday. I also helped with daily community moderation of the websites forums and article comments. Everyday I would attend meetings and collaborate with my team members, as well as work on my larger summer projects such as competitive analysis to improve the CNET member profile.
  2. Describe the team you worked with:
    My team was extremely welcoming and supportive. Even though I was “the intern” they treated me as an equal from day one. They trusted me with real work, which allowed me to feel like I was making a difference and contributing to the company every day. My manager made himself extremely accessible and created an environment where I felt comfortable asking him questions about any of my various assignments.
  3. What was your biggest achievement this summer:
    My biggest achievement this summer was pitching the improvements I developed for the CNET member profile to the Audience Development team. One of my developments to increase user registration and newsletter subscription is currently in the process of being implemented!
  4. What was your favorite part of the summer:
    My favorite part of this summer was getting to know my team, and celebrating the small victories, like when one of us would come up with a super catchy subject line or call to action! Also, getting to learn the internal process of developing and running a sweepstakes was very interesting. It was fun to see the entries roll in and get to report the final statistics to my team. Another summer highlight was being a member of the winning Hack Day team!
  5. What were some of the perks of working for CBS Interactive:
    There are so many perks I don’t know where to start! One perk was the access to CBSi leadership. We got the chance to meet senior leaders and hear their stories at executive briefings; I even got the opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with the SVP/GM of News & CNET. Another perk would be the free Peet’s coffee; it definitely helped start the day off right!
  6. Advice for people applying to internships in Audience Development:
    I know this sounds cliché, but be yourself. They are looking for someone who is passionate, genuine, and who is willing and eager to learn. Make sure you have done your research on the company and brand you are applying for. Since this position has you directly interacting with the CNET community online you also need to be able to show you have good judgment, and can communicate well with all different types of people.

Name: Jessie Yen
Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Department at CBS Interactive: B2B Product Management

  1. What were some of your day-to-day tasks:
    I had my internship wide ROI project that I worked on everyday, but I also had mini assignments, like to ensure that bugs were fixed, to gather analytic data, set up A/B tests and report on those results, etc.
  2. Describe the team you worked with:
    My mentor Kelly and my boss Georgie were all super easy to talk to and very accommodating. They were open to my questions and always checked in with me on my workload.
  3. What was your biggest achievement this summer:
    My internship-wide social media ROI report! I had to look for a lot of data through CBSi’s analytic programs, find best practices and past studies, run trials on the best practices I found to see if they actually brought tangible results, and then present my report to Kelly and Georgie. It took a lot of time and a lot of effort, and definitely helped teach me how to interpret data and the importance of data in decision-making.
  4. What was your favorite part of the summer:
    I definitely learned a lot more about the technical side of running a business. I gained a lot of exposure to working with engineers and setting up things like A/B tests that I have never experienced before.
  5. What were some of the perks of working for CBS Interactive:
    Free events, free drinks and food, and some really great people.
  6. Advice for people applying to internships in B2B Product Management:
    It’s a good mix of non-tech and tech. Show interest in this – show that you’re passionate, want to learn, and ready to work. I think it all comes down to how much you want it!

Name: Megan Gonzalez
Year: Junior
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (Organizational Behavior and Strategy)
Department at CBS Interactive: Business Intelligence

  1. What were some of your day-to-day tasks:
    My day always started with a morning team meeting where everyone talked about what they are working on for the day so we were all on the same page. I spent a lot of time helping out my co-worker with sales performance decks for clients. Making these decks included running some SQL queries (which I learned this summer) to get metrics like the conversion rate of exposed users to considered users. I also Analyzed Key Performance Indicators to determine the most effective video content to use for the audience acquisition campaign to increase web traffic through our main distributing partners. Another task I worked on frequently was reorganizing and managing all monthly revenue and traffic reports for 14 CBSi websites.
  2. Describe the team you worked with:
    I worked with a relatively small team and as I previously mentioned, we had daily meetings, which led to really open communication. The Business Intelligence team is extremely analytical. I shared an office with two people, one of whom was a recent Cal graduate. Sharing an office was a great experience because I always had someone to answer all of my questions and help me with new programs.
  3. What was your biggest achievement this summer:
    My biggest achievement this summer was working on a video project and coming up with a new solution for the editorial team. I created a new video standard through data analysis that projected a 12% increase in advertisement views and a 25% increase in video stream completes resulting in an increase in revenue.
  4. What was your favorite part of the summer:
    My favorite part of the summer was Third Thursdays. Every third Thursday of the month, CBSi would have a themed office party where everyone hangs out, drinks, eats, and plays games like pool and foosball.
  5. What were some of the perks of working for CBS Interactive:
    There are many perks of working at CBSi including a Peet’s coffee bar with free coffee every morning, a popcorn machine with movies playing at lunch, and a really amazing office full of artistic chalkboards and sticky note murals. But, the best perk in my opinion is the flexibility. I went to New York on vacation and then ended up with the opportunity to work in the CBSi New York office. I worked in the Big Apple for a week and was welcomed by so many CBSi employees with advice, free lunches, and a list of fun things I should do in my time there.
  6. Advice for people applying to internships in Business Intelligence:
    Take the time to write a very clear cover letter. Explain not only your previous experience and how it relates to the position but also why you want the position and why you are the perfect candidate. This is a very analytical position and they get a lot of technical majors as applicants but make sure that no matter what your major is, to not just focus on your skills. Your personality and excitement about the position are just as important as your relevant skills for the position. Be prepared to think on your feet and answer a few simple statistic questions and brain teasers. Often they don’t care so much about your answer but more about your thought process and how well you work under pressure. The team you’ll be working with is very talented and wants to help you learn as much as you can in your time at CBSi. Good luck to everyone who applies!

I hope this was useful! Good luck, breathe, I believe in you all!

Kendal Madden

Class of 2016

Coffee, study, barely sleep, repeat!

It’s 9:07 am, Monday morning. I lock up my bike, make my way down the stairs, and begrudgingly enter Cheit Hall, room 230 for another round of 102A with Professor Brooks. Don’t get me wrong, the class is surprisingly interesting and probably more applicable to future employment than I realize. However, something about balance sheets on a Monday morning gives me sudden indigestion, leaving me convinced that staying in bed would have given me two times the amount of expected utility (I know, that’s Econ, not an accounting reference) than attending class would. Alas, I slam some coffee, pull out a calculator and get ready to count some stuff; mostly minutes to the next class.

A Brooks tradition, she posts a comic strip that has some vague connection to finance or accounting. The projector kicks out an image onto the screen, and I spot one of the characters inferring that there are only two certainties in life: “Death and Taxes”. I believe the other character insinuates if that’s the case, he plans on becoming an “accountant or a mortician”. My recollection of the specific dialogue is fuzzy, probably because I fell out of my seat from side splitting laughter. Or maybe it was that balance sheet induced indigestion. Regardless, it got me thinking. What are the certainties in life at Haas? After a little over a month down and a round of midterms complete, I’m confident in saying that at the very least, a lack of sleep and sacrifice of a personally sacred pastime, are two unavoidable realities every student faces inside the top undergraduate business program in the nation.

Oh ESPN, how I miss thee. Baseball Tonight, NFL Live, College Gameday… We had some great times. I remember a time not so long ago when we spent many a weekend together. You so graciously gave me hours of premium sports entertainment while only asking that I put off studying until Sunday Night Football wrapped up around 9pm. Once the game ended, I spent the next 2-3 hours successfully maintaining my 18 credit Community College course load. It was a perfect relationship. I put off studying, managed to get good grades and you provided a weekend of incredible matchups and analysis. LOOOOONNNGGGG gone are those days. My Sunday now involves waking up to check my academic calendar, not whether Calvin Johnson is healthy enough to start for my Fantasy Football team. A pot of coffee later (sometimes more depending on the severity of my Saturday Eve), I’m flipping through textbooks, not televised games and evaluating economic models, not my Fantasy Football lineup.
Thanks to 30 ounces of Peet’s Major Dickinson Blend, I have little trouble focusing on coursework and study material. This however is a double edged sword because while all that delicious roast keeps me focused, it also hinders my ability to shut my eyes and partake in the thing I used to be so good at: Sleep. I know, I know, the caffeine overdose is not a “Haas” problem, that’s a “me” problem. However tragic my Monday morning plight may be, coffee has repeatedly proven itself a winner in the arena of academic achievement. Why change your starting pitcher in the 9th inning if he’s throwing a shutout?? Until proven otherwise, coffee is the reason I succeed in college.

The childlike wonder of weekends has been replaced with the cruel “adult” reality that Sunday is more of a pre-Monday, than it is a follow up to Saturday. Coffee, study, barely sleep, repeat. Such is the life here at Haas, and I wouldn’t change it for a thing… Except an internship, just kidding.

Healthy@Haas: Stress Reduction ABCs!

It’s funny I title this article Healthy@Haas considering all the illness going around at the moment. Unfortunately, I do not have a cure for the cold, flu, or any other viral infections which shall remain unnamed. I can, however, partially address a question which I am asked very often by my friends and peers: “Erika, how do you stay so chill?!”

Me? Chill? I beg to differ. I could write an entire post about everything that is stressful right now, but given that it’s midterm season and everyone is looking for a solution for their stress and worry, I figured I’d write something a little more positive. =) Below I’ve outlined some tips, tricks, and best practices to reducing daily stress. These may not all be helpful for everyone, and if you still feel like you’re drowning no matter what you try, you may need more help than this blog post can provide.

That being said, it’s worth giving some of these a go to see how it pans out! Readers, I present to you, the ABCs (no, not the ones you’re thinking of) of Stress Reduction!

A – Aromatherapy – Light a candle or burn some incense! Some find lavender especially relaxing.

B – Believe in yourself – Sometimes we find ourselves drowning in negative self-talk. Pay attention to the things you tell yourself, and if they aren’t what you’d want to hear from someone else, then change it!

C – Cry – Many say crying is a sign of weakness – it’s really not. It’s actually believed to reduce stress hormones.

D – Drink tea – Theanine is an amino acid found in many teas which is known for inducing a relaxing effect.

E – Exercise – Physical activity helps increase the production of endorphins in the brain, which makes you feel good!

F – Food – One of my personal things to do – eating my feelings! It’s important to eat a balanced diet, especially when under stress, but splurging every once in a while never hurt anyone.

G – Go outside – Having a chance of scenery as well as some oxygen can help recharge your mind.

H – Hug it out – What can I say? Hugs are a great stress reliever.

I – Inhale, exhale – When you feel overwhelmed, just step back and breathe.

J – Jam out – Music can be therapeutic! Listen to something happy when you’re feeling down, or something relaxing when you’re feeling anxious.

K – Keep a  gratitute journal – Research has shown that writing in a gratitude journal each night can be just as useful as taking anti-depressants. Each night, write a few things you are grateful for!

L – Laugh – They say laughter is the best medicine. Watch a funny TV show or do something silly.

M – Mindfulness – This topic probably needs an entire article, but in short, stay present. Don’t dwell on the past, or worry about the future, but try and stay in the moment.

N – Netflix – One of my favorite chill-time activities

O – Open up to friends - What are friends for? It’s likely that you’re not the only one feeling stressed, so talk about it!

P – Pamper yourself – What isn’t relaxing about a massage?

Q – Question the status quo & try something spontaneous! – Maybe that mundane, weekly schedule of class, info session, homework, sleep can use some spicing up. If you’re just not feeling it one day, drop the tight schedule and try doing something different!

R – Remember to have some “me” time – You don’t need to fill up every second of every day with homework, recruiting, and class. Save some time for you!

S – Sleep – Sleep is necessary for regulating the amygdala, the part of the brain which controls emotion. Better sleep = better handling of emotions!

T – Thankfulness – When it seems like everything is going wrong, stop for a moment to be thankful for things that are going right – even the little things.

U – Unwinding time – Set aside some “me” time each day to do something relaxing and calm down. It’s helpful to do this before bedtime if you’re one of those who becomes anxious at night.

V – Visualization – Some find that visualizing relaxing places like beaches and lakes is helpful to calm down.

W – Write about it – When you can’t just scream how you’re feeling, sometimes writing can be helpful.

X – eXperience something new – About a month ago, I ran on a treadmill the first time – and I felt great afterwards! Try something new every once in a while.

Y – Yoga – Many find yoga to be incredibly relaxing, and what’s even better is that there are free classes in Berkeley and at the RSF!

Z – Zone out – At Haas, we tend to be laser-focused all of the time. It’s healthy to take a few minutes to take a breath, relax, and come back to being focused later.

Hope you’ve enjoyed, and if you have anything to contribute, or if any of these work for you, please feel free to share! Stay happy and healthy, and the best of luck with midterms!

Innovating Innovation: Practicing Open Innovation in UGBA 190T

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to brainstorm innovative ideas with a Senior Executive? Well at the Haas School of Business, you can. We are lucky to have the renowned Dr. Henry Chesbrough, the father of Open Innovation, as the Faculty Director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation. He is the first person to truly take innovation to a new level by innovating innovation.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 9.58.37 PM

Each semester, six companies from the Berkeley Innovation Forum are chosen to participate in the UGBA 190T Open Business Models and Open Innovation class taught by Professor Solomon Darwin, Executive Director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation. The lucky six companies for Fall 2014 are: Coke, Wipro, Optum United Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Fujitsu, and GE. Senior Executives from these companies submitted their challenges to the students and are now serving as mentors for the semester long projects.

Steve Myers, CTO of Optum United Healthcare, in middle with the UGBA 190T class

Steve Myers, CTO of Optum United Healthcare, in middle with the UGBA 190T class

I signed up for UGBA 190T because I have only heard great things about the course. There are endless amounts of opportunities to interact with Senior Executives as well as learn from the knowledgeable Professor Darwin. The class culminates on December 11th, 2014 with the final Day of Judgment. On this day, the Senior Executives judge the six teams and vote on a winning business model presentation.

The GE team staying after class to refine their business models

The GE team staying after class to refine their business models

We are currently in the phase of exploring our new company business models. Professor Darwin has lectured the class on Open Innovation concepts and processes to give us the foundation to create high quality models. The teams have also consulted with their mentors in a series of 6am conference calls to enhance their models. Professor Darwin has us create business models and analyze them to teach us to be adaptable in our approach. Too often companies get attached to their ideas and fail to innovate. Open Innovation is all about breaking down closed silos and opening up to both outside and inside knowledge. In the upcoming weeks, we will present to each other in class to seek external ideas to even further polish our models.


Alexandra Mezouari
Class of 2016

OPPORTUNITY: Crack the Case Workshop

If you’re interested in consulting or case interviews, come to the Crack the Case Workshop this Sunday, October 12th from 10 am to 6 pm.  This event is open to all students on campus, so if you have friend who you think will benefit please forward this information along to them.   This event is perfect for juniors who want to get a jump start on preparing for internship recruiting.  
Crack the Case typically costs $950 for a 4 hour session, but HBSA is offering highly discounted tickets for $75 for an 8 hour interactive session!
 (In order to register if you are a non-business major you will need to create a campus groups account.  If you are having trouble registering please email
The Crack the Case Workshop will Feature:
     – Case interview structure and overview
     – Advanced case study techniques
     – In depth guide to case frameworks
     – How to develop answer first IMPACT stories
     – Learn how to show off CLASSIC skills that interviewers need to see
     – Market sizing practice and integrated thinking
     – Learn the SPEAK and FRAME methods
     – Solve mini and full business cases
The Crack the Case Workshop will be taught by former Bain consultant Rikin Vasani.  Rikin is a Haas School of Business alumni who worked at Bain for four years prior to becoming a case interview coach.  At Bain, Rikin managed the summer intern program, new hire training, and was involved in unique casework that studied how major consulting firms select top talent.  After be left Bain, he became the “go-to” person on case interviews for numerous MBA and undergraduate students.  For more information regarding Rikin’s expertise with case interview coaching check out his full bio here:
This one-day workshop will include the following: case overviews, communication, logic, analytics and IMPACT stories. Market sizing practice and integrated thinking using the SPEAK and FRAME methods. You will then put these concepts into practice and solve a mini and a full business case. What to bring: Pen and paper, Laptop/iPad, and your brain!
Find out more about Crack the Case visit
Hope to see you guys there!
Isabelle Lee
Class of 2016

SmileyGo: A Berkeley Student’s Dream and Reality


Pedro Espinoza is a 19-year-old Peruvian-American student at UC Berkeley and Class of 2017. He is planning to major in Business Administration and minor in German. Pedro was born in Lima, Peru, and moved to Miami, FL when he was 5. He went to middle school in Nashville, TN and then high school in the American School of Lima. He has also lived in Munich, Germany as part of a high school exchange program. In addition, Pedro lived 6 months in Rochester, New York for a college session at the University of Rochester. The fact that he has lived in 6 different cities, in 3 different countries for the past 19 years of his life makes him not only a global citizen, but also a global leader. SmileyGo is just one example of Pedro’s leadership.

What is SmileyGo?

SmileyGo is a social enterprise that connects businesses with non-profits via its technological platform in order to generate a

SmileyGo logo

SmileyGo logo

win-win situation for both sides of the tech platform: for-profit and non-profit. This social venture was founded July 4, 2014 thanks to the resources of UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and Stanford University, and of course the San Francisco Bay Area provides of entrepreneurship, tech innovation and creativity. SmileyGo started with a group of 4 students and has expanded into a diverse global business with over 75 SmileyGoers in 18 countries across 6 continents. SmileyGo is currently present in United Arab Emirates, Morocco, China, India, Spain, Mexico, and France; these are just some of the nations SmileyGo is present in. Feel free to visit, to learn more about our global impact.

What is your vision at SmileyGo?

Our vision is to become a globally recognized social enterprise that bridges corporations with NGO’s (non-governmental organization) in order to foster billions of smiles in the children of overlooked communities around the globe.

What inspired you to create and start SmileyGo?

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.58.31 PMHaving lived in 3 different countries, I perceived the differences in inequality, disparity and opportunities for kids. So I wanted change! I was raised in a disciplined, principled, and proactive home where it was a meritocracy. My parents encouraged me to work at age 13 at a Toyota Dealership. When I was 14, my mother founded an educational NGO in Peru called Pan Peru, where I volunteered every summer building the rural library. At Pampas Grande, where the library is located, I met Juana, a 12 year-old girl who told me she wanted to become a farmer since that was her only future because it was what her parents and grandparents did. This struck me. I was inspired to do something about it. This stimulated my entrepreneurial spirit to start Yatay non-profit, a musical nonprofit back in my high school in the American School of Lima. I merged my business, leadership, entrepreneurship and musical passions to start Yatay Peru. Later, I saw Juana again, now 14 years-old and she approached me: “Pedro, now that I can surf through the internet and encyclopedias, I have discovered my career path; I want to study civil engineering at the National University of Engineering in Lima, to design a modern bridge that will not only connect Pampas Grande with Pariaccoto (major town in the province) but will also enhance economic trade, positive externalities and human development.” As she finished talking, I was crying happiness. Filled with emotions, passion and joy, I realized social entrepreneurship was my career path.

Long story short, I was admitted to Berkeley and given a merit-based scholarship telling me to make Yatay GLOBAL. Similar to Yatay, I could foster social welfare via entrepreneurship, but create something HUGE with the resources of the Bay Area. I took the challenge and went for it! During the summer of my freshman year, I started SmileyGo, with a board of investors, board of advisors, board of mentors, board of directors and board of C-Level Executives.

What are your goals for SmileyGo?

My goals, in addition to SmileyGo’s, is to start a for-profit business that will be part of the SmileyGo Corporation; that will be the primal revenue stream for SmileyGo, since now we are depending on donations, bootstrapping and impact investments. More so, we want to generate a solid revenue stream–SmileyGo Alpaca Scarfs, by 2015 we will be importing handmade alpaca scarfs from Peruvian, Chilean, Argentinian and Bolivian women who are from the Andes. We will be empowering their micro-business by selling their product globally via the branches we have in 18 countries, and hence making these overlooked women the stars. Thanks to our genuine connections we have with the Peruvian NGO Pan Peru, we have direct access to their database, information and metrics in regards to the Alpaca Scarf. The Pan Peru NGO started the Alpaca Scarf production 2 years ago, and it has been a success. It’s now SmileyGo’s turn to globalize this micro-venture to a global venture thanks to our databases, platform and connections in Berkeley, the Bay Area and the country.

Moving on, SmileyGo will expand into a global Benefit Corporation by 2018 that will not only have the SmileyGo nonprofit, but also socially-responsible for-profit businesses such as a Peruvian Butifarra restaurant in downtown Berkeley. This will be a Peruvian express food station were it will only offer 4 practical sandwiches, served with Chicha Morada or Maracuyá juice. Parts of the profits will be directly donated to the SmileyGo nonprofit in order to better enhance our tech platform. In addition, this Peruvian Butifarra restaurant will also hire minority employees such as Latinos, African Americans and/or Native Americans, etc.

How do you plan to achieve those goals?

SmileyGo2We plan to achieve these goals by continuing to be proactive, executing with faith, passion and discipline. By maintaining a trustworthy reputation, since relationships matter. We live by “making good at the right time, with the right people, in the right place.” The fact that we have genuine relationships with Haas Professors, Stanford Professors and Santa Clara Professors that positively refer us to impact investors, newspapers and businesses, is incredible and opens doors immediately. That’s why we have expanded globally in 12 weeks. We will continue embracing solid relationships with faculty, and mentors and advisors that connect us with more investors, professors and chief managers at organizations, schools and businesses.

Autodesk College Night- Remarkable Recruiting

On September 17, I was invited, along with other collegiate colleagues and classmates, to Autodesk’s first ever college event. This was quite possibly the most genius, fun and informative recruiting event I’ve been to. Let me tell you why.

1) There exists a cure to cancer

In a presentation at the event, Brian Matthews, Autodesk Vice President, gave a brief synopsis of all the world-changing projects made possible by the products that Autodesk makes. In addition to curing cancer by creating a 3D printed DNA cage, Autodesk and its partners have found solutions to building more sustainable urban infrastructure, efficient furniture, and better hospitals, among other things. The future is bright my friends, there is hope.

2) Guac

There was lots of it. To complement the guacamole were tacos, drinks, drinks, and activities. Additionally, I crafted a Giraffe using the same layering concept as 3D printers. This interactive experience really got me into the Maker spirit– I created mental prototypes the whole Bart ride home. Not to mention, the Giraffe was a great conversation starter with our Bay Area brothers and sisters.

3) Telling your friends that you’re going to a “Gallery Event”

Wow, so bougie, so sophisticated. At one corner, a 3D printed car. At the other corner, a model of a new Cathedral being built in Oakland. Looking around were folks in their trendy-but professional outfits at standing tables with Agua Fresca in their glasses, talking about new design paradigms. We enhanced our social media presences by hashtaging #AutodeskCollegeNight. Staring across the Bay Bridge, we can’t help but think about our compadres hovering over problem sets at Cafe Milano.

OK, but seriously, this event is what all recruiting events should be. On this Wednesday night, I was fully engaged in creating my 3D Giraffe model, jamming to Mapei, and sipping on a craft brew. Meanwhile, the recruiters organically flowed in and out conversations, providing business cards, and taking selfies with 3D cardboard designs. Speaking on behalf of  millenials with existential crises,  this event satisfied my yearning for a place to build a meaningful career → work that creates impact. Autodesk not only gave a proper education and exposure to their business, showing off their gallery provided an elite inspiration that has meaningful and real impact in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

PSA: Switch up the Triple Rock routine. Enjoy your Autodesk Gallery Experience at Design Night on Thursdays

*Images from Autodesk Gallery Facbook Page

The Haas Undergraduate Blog Team (2014-2015)

The Haas Undergraduate Blog is a platform dedicated to providing an “insider perspective” into life as a student at Haas. It aims to serve as a valuable resource for Haas alumni, as well as current, non-major, incoming, and prospective Haas undergraduates, who are interested in learning about the culture and current happenings in the prestigious business program.

The Haas Blog is recruiting for new members to join our team. Bloggers do not have to be experienced, but should enjoy writing short blog posts about Haas-related topics that they feel enthusiastic about. Authors have freedom and flexibility to choose whatever subjects to write about as long as they commit to publishing at least two article per month.

Visit our recruitment page for more information.

Presently, we have a diverse group of bloggers ranging from various backgrounds: continuing, transfer, international, and out-of-state, we have it all. With that being said, I introduce you the team for the academic school year of 2014-2015!

Isabelle Lee, Class of 2016 

Isabelle Lee is a Junior transfer pursuing a degree in Business Administration at UC Berkeley.10305502_10152135141913091_1730421391029203943_n She was born and raised in Southern California and is extremely thrilled to spend the next two years at Cal. In Berkeley, Isabelle is actively involved in Haas Student Business Association, serving on the Presidential Committee as well as conducting research with the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program on “Open Innovation” for Dr. Sohyeong Kim. She intends to pursue a career in management consulting as it fits her personality of going beyond herself to help others and always questioning the status quo (see what I did there? Hilarious, I know!).

In her free time she enjoys creating memories with friends and family, traveling, fashion, trying out new places to eat, and playing sports such as volleyball, lacrosse, and golf. She joined the blog as Co-Manager to create a living record of her time at Haas as well as share Haas-related opportunities to her fellow peers and ultimately write about anything that’s on her mind.

Sonia Seghir, Class of 2016

Hello! My name is Sonia Seghir and I am a Business Administration major at the Haas School of Business. I am a junisoniaor transfer from Diablo Valley College. Wohoo! Go transfers! I intend to pursue marketing, but as a Student Always I hope to explore and find new interests as I venture through the program.

I was born in Paris and then spent much of my childhood living in Algeria. I moved to the United States when I was eight and have lived in the Bay Area since. I have also been to England, Germany, and Tunisia. If I could, I would be in a new country every week! I love meeting new people, trying out new foods, and experiencing new cultures. I currently speak 4 languages and it is my hope to pick up Spanish as well. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, going to the city, supporting my brothers’ soccer games, and Netflix. Lots of Netflix.

As a prospective student, I enjoyed following the Haas Undergraduate Student Blog and hearing the insider stories of such a close-knit community. Today, I am very excited to be a part of the Haas Undergraduate Blog to share my experience and journey these two years. I look forward to meeting many of you and creating #haassome memories! Go Class of 2016!

Melanie Cernak, Class of 2015

melanie I grew up in Seattle but decided to leave Washington and follow the sunshine down the coast to Berkeley. I just started my first year at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and am continually impressed by the incredible talent and dedication of my peers here.

 My educational pursuits have also included studying law at Harvard’s Secondary School Program and International Business and Journalism at the London School of Economics. I consider myself an aspiring social business entrepreneur whose goal is to change the world through innovative technology. I have been involved in a project that uses mobile technologies to incentivize prenatal care in rural Kenya and I currently write short stories for children in rural Nigeria that teach basic sanitation and safety.

 In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, learning to write with my left hand, and exploring the hills of San Francisco. I am honored to be a new writer for the Haas Undergraduate Blog and inform my colleagues about all the invaluable opportunities Haas offers!

Sofia Purtri, Class of 2015photo-25

Sofia Putri is a Business Administration major and English minor. She is a California community college transfer student who was born in Indonesia and grew up in Singapore. She intends to pursue a career in financial services and believes that business should be utilized to create positive social change whenever possible.

In Berkeley, she works in the Doe and Moffitt libraries under Circulation Services, and she is actively involved in student organizations such as AFX Dance, Berkeley Women in Business, and Cal Archery. She is also a sponsor for an 8 year-old child in India through nonprofit organization World Vision.

Sofia joined the blog as she is passionate about writing and wishes to share her insight into life at Haas from an insider’s perspective. She currently speaks 6 languages, and one of her life goals is to be able to speak 10 languages. Her interests include archery, dance, fashion, and English literature.

Rafy Choi, Class of 2015photo

 My name is Rafaela Jung Hee Choi Lim, or Rafy for short. I was born and raised in Paraguay, a beautiful country located at the “heart of South America.” I am very passionate about poverty alleviation, education, and microfinance.

 I enjoy making new friends, traveling, playing the piano, watching creative ads, and going grocery shopping. At Cal, I’m one of the Cohort leaders for the Class of 2015 and am part of the Latino Business Student Association, and a Catholic fellowship group called Chun Jin Ahm.

 I am excited to join the Haas Undergrad Blog team, for I believe that raising awareness of and sharing perspectives on various activities happening at Haas and Cal will help to create a more close-knit Haas community.

 Plus, this will be a great opportunity for me to apply my hobby of journal writing!

Erika Nelson, Class of 2015

My name is Erika K Nelson. I am a junior transfer student from Diablo Valley College, class of 2015. I’m interested in a career in marketing, but am still exploring.10689729_977429472272573_4316110250819141635_n

I spend half my week working in the beautiful city of San Francisco where I someday hope to live. Between class and work I’m spread pretty thin, but when I do get some off time, I love trying new foods, exploring new places, and indulging in trashy reality TV. An interesting fact about me: I do not like Apple products, and take pride in the fact I don’t own a single one. I joined the Haas blog because I’ve always wanted to be blogger, but never had the time. Given the chance to try it, I hopped on board!

I grew up in Seattle but decided to leave Washington and follow the sunshine down the coast to Berkeley. I just started my first year at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and am continually impressed by the incredible talent and dedication of my peers here.

My educational pursuits have also included studying law at Harvard’s Secondary School Program and International Business and Journalism at the London School of Economics. I consider myself an aspiring social business entrepreneur whose goal is to change the world through innovative technology. I have been involved in a project that uses mobile technologies to incentivize prenatal care in rural Kenya and I currently write short stories for children in rural Nigeria that teach basic sanitation and safety.

In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, learning to write with my left hand, and exploring the hills of San Francisco. I am honored to be a new writer for the Haas Undergraduate Blog and inform my colleagues about all the invaluable opportunities Haas offers!

Brian Ly, Class of 2015

 Hi, my name is B1425289_10151993102182891_783978712_orian C Ly, and I am currently a third year student triple majoring in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Japanese. Besides taking a lot of classes, I have also been actively involved in Cal Rotaract and Innovative Design.

 Off-campus, I am an avid Yelper and an aspiring amateur photographer. If there’s a new place opening up in the UC Campus area, you can be sure I’ll be one of the first to check it out – and post a picture of it! Another not so known fact about me is that I don’t listen to music digitally. Rather than having an iTunes library or Spotify, I have all my music on vinyl, and you can often find me at Amoeba or Rasputin.

 Since I love sharing my photos as much as I enjoy taking them, I joined the blog so I could share my experiences here at Haas visually as I see it from my own eyes.

Monica Diliberto, Class of 2015

Monica Diliberto is a 4th year transfer student studying Business Administration from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has used her passion for retail management and fashion to not only allow her to have worked at Nordstrom in Palo Alto, but also to help her acquire a Store Management Internship at Macy’s for the summer of 2014. In conjunction with being the Haas Shattuck Cohort Leader for the Class of 2015, Monica is also involved with FAST (Fashion and Student Trends), where she is part of the Executive Board as an Internal Affair Director, and is the head facilitator for her Retailing DeCal on campus. Monica’s other interests include designing her own lines of clothing, mountain biking, and watching collegiate gymnastics.

Sung1369643802053 Shin, Class of 2015

 Born in Busan, I spent majority of my youth in Boston, the sports capital of America, before moving to California. On campus, I am part of Koinonia Christian Fellowship. Off campus, I serve as a preventive medicine specialist in the United States Army Reserve, and volunteer at Operation Just Cause, a veterans organization.

 My hobbies include film, theatre, and music. One interesting fact about me is that I used to be a huge fan of professional wrestling, and can talk for hours about WWE, WCW, and my favorite wrestlers.

 I joined the Haas Blog team to become an active member of this community, and to share valuable lenses of experiences from various groups within the diverse Haas community.

Nelson Xu, Class of 2015photo

Nelson Xu is currently a senior at Haas studying Business Administration. He is a transfer student from City College of San Francisco interested in tech and finance. He grew up in China before moving to San Francisco and is a Bay Area resident of 15 years.

He joined the Haas Undergrad Blog because he was interested in the Career Profiles and would like to continue them. He is currently involved in the Consulting Club at Berkeley (CCB). His hobbies during his spare time include reading Cracked articles, table tennis and TV shows

Felicia Lee, Class of 2015

Hhaas blog headshotello! My name is Felicia Lee. I am a senior here in Haas studying Business and minoring in Education. I hail from the suburbs of Atlanta but have become a Bay Area transplant since moving to Berkeley. I have truly enjoyed the Haas experience thus far and look forward to what my future career will hold. Most of my journalism education comes from listening to Morning Edition on NPR during my morning rides to school and my fifth grade aspirations of becoming Connie Chung when I grew up.

I’m excited to be writing for the blog after spending a semester abroad in Hong Kong under the Faculty of Business and Economics at Hong Kong University. Back stateside, look forward to sharing my experiences and point of view through the blog.  In my spare time, I follow Oprah on Instagram and read my mother’s family’s Wechat messages by copy and pasting them into Google Translate.

Jessica Ou, Class of 2016

Jessica Ou is a 3rd year Businesmallheadshotss Administration and Social Welfare major. Outside of her studies, she is passionate about human rights, women and economic empowerment, and social entrepreneurship. She hopes to pursue a career in investment banking and eventually enter the public policy and non-profit sector.

At Haas, Jessica is involved in Delta Sigma Pi and Berkeley Women in Business. She has been a research apprentice for Professor Jennifer Chatman and is a volunteer mentor in the Young Entrepreneurs at Haas program. She currently teaches the only student-led personal finance class on campus, UGBA 198 Money Management Coaching. She is excited to blog about life at Haas and highlight the amazing things Haas students do.

Outside of Haas, Jessica serves as a UC System-wide Representative, representing over 250,000 UC students as the student representative on the UCUES Standing Committee. She is an Advisory Board member for UNICEF’s Chinese Children Initiative, an Executive Council member for the United Nations International Youth Council, a Youth Advisory Council member for Crisis Text Line–the world’s first 24/7 teen text hotline, and the California Youth Ambassador for Youth Service America.

In her free time, Jessica spends many hours a week counseling teens in crisis and is a contributor for USA TODAY and a blogger for the Huffington Post. She also has been web programming and graphic designing since she was six years old, and has recently designed the UI of three apps.

Alexandra Mezouari, Class of 2016

Alexandra Mezouari is from sunny San Alexandra Professional PictureDiego and is passionate about finance, technology, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. She is joining the bloggy team to inform her peers about the open innovation community at Haas. During her free time, she trains for half marathons, does yoga, dances, reads mind bending philosophy, and drinks chai tea lattes with almond milk. After she graduates, she aspires to travel, work in finance and thereafter start her own company. She is excited to inspire and be inspired by her peers.

Feel free to contact her anytime. She also is working on another blog with a Management Consultant from Accenture – stay tuned for the first post!

Kendal Madden, Class of 2016

KENDAL-MADDEN-LOWRES-0559-003My name is Kendal Madden, and I am excited to begin my adventure at Haas while being able to share my perspective with you through the Haas Undergraduate Students Blog.  I began at Cal as a freshman in the fall of 2012, after my recent acceptance to Haas I am now officially declared a Business Administration and Media Studies simultaneous degree major.

While at Cal I have become very passionate about my involvement with the organization Berkeley Women in Business.  I currently hold the position of Internal Vice President and work to provide the best resources available to women looking to develop themselves professionally and navigate their way through corporate America.  I am also extremely involved in residence hall life at Berkeley. If you have any questions about university owned housing feel free to ask.

Off campus I am pursuing my interest in the online media industry. This summer I worked for CBS Interactive as an Audience Development Intern. Just a few of the projects I got to work on were community moderation, running sweepstakes, writing the community newsletter, and doing competitive analysis to optimize the member profile.

My hobbies include painting, martial arts, and travel.  I absolutely love the outdoors- hiking, camping, and exploring the area around Berkeley!  With my wide breadth of interests, I am always open to new experiences.  Upon my acceptance I was eager to get involved and contribute to the Haas community.  By writing for the Haas Undergraduate Students Blog, I hope to capture and share this unique and precious time in our education.

Matthew Matlock, Class of 2016

IMG_4666 Matthew Matlock was born in California.  After graduating high school, he enlisted into the military where he spent the last 11 years as an Air Force Special Operations Combat Controller.  He has served on 3 deployments to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  During his time deployed, Matt earned 3 bronze stars for heroism under fire.

After leaving Active Duty, Matt moved to Portland, OR where he joined the Air National guard and began going to school at Portland Community College.   Matt decided he wanted to further his academic career so he decided to apply to the best colleges on the west coast as a Junior Transfer.  While Haas was a long shot as an out of state transfer applicant, it was truly his dream choice.  The news of acceptance into one of the premier Undergraduate business programs in the United States was well received.

When not engaged in countless hours of studying, Matt loves playing sports and being outdoors. He loves his family, country, friends, dogs and the 49ers.  When given the opportunity, he enjoys devoting time to charitable organizations to include Habitat for Humanity and The Boys and Girls Club.

As you can see we have an amazing group who is dedicated to bring the best content on the blog. Anyone that wants to work with this awesome group of people please go ahead apply as we are currently recruiting for more bloggers. We look forward to receiving your applications!


Isabelle Lee
Class of 2016

Released: Fall 2014 HULA Scholarship Application

The HAN-SF Undergraduate Leadership Award (HULA) is kicking off the semester by recognizing exceptional undergraduates. HULA is looking for its next batch of notable leaders for the award.

HULA is a grass-roots effort organized, administered, and funded by the activities of the HAN-SF Chapter, its alumni members, and partnering organizations. It’s a competitive merit-based scholarship program that recognizes Haas undergraduate students who demonstrate potential or applied leadership within their studies, extracurricular activities, communities, and/or families.

HULA engages Haas alumni to assist in the selection of candidates by reading applications, interviewing award finalists, and attending new-alumni welcome events. It is the goal of HULA to build interest in HAN as students matriculate to the Haas alumni community.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All currently enrolled Haas undergraduate students (Juniors and Seniors) are eligible and encouraged to apply.
  • HULA is a one-time award. Students may re-apply each semester they are eligible and the program is offered.

HULA Winners

  • Five HULA winners for the Fall 2014 semester will be awarded a scholarship of $1,000 each.

Important Dates

  • Applications Available to Students: 9/29/14
  • Application Deadline: 10/15/14 by 5pm
  • Notification for Finalist Round: 10/20/14
  • Leadership Workshop: End of October or Early November
  • Finalist Interviews with Alumni: 11/16 and 11/23/14
  • Award Recipients Notified: Early December

For more information and to apply, please visit


Isabelle Lee

Class of 2016

The UC Berkeley Trilemma

We experience this problem every day on campus as UC Berkeley students. Regardless of our major, it is there— staring us in the face. Every day, we make conscious, and sometimes unconscious, decisions about how we go about-facing this problem. Some even claim that this problem is nearly impossible to not only avoid, but also to solve. But I am here to successfully tell you that there is a way to solve this problem.

My name is Monica Diliberto and I am a 4th year studying Business Administration at the Walter A. Haas School of Business. I came to UC Berkeley as a transfer student from a community college in the greater Bay Area in Fall 2013 and am sad to see that my journey at UC Berkeley is almost over. During my time at Haas, I have not only made some of my greatest friends and immersed myself in fantastic clubs/programs on campus, but I have also had the opportunity to develop myself as a future business leader in the retail industry. Amidst the craziness I experienced during my first semester on campus in Fall 2013, I was able to attain an internship at Macy’s in their Store Management Development Program and successfully completed the program just this past summer of 2014.

This photo was taken, with my mentor, after I completed the Macy's Store Management Development Program Internship this summer 2014.  On a side note, my mentor is a fellow CAL Alumni!!! From left to right: Paige Tamada and Monica Diliberto.

This photo was taken, with my mentor, after I completed the Macy’s Store Management Development Program Internship this summer 2014. On a side note, my mentor is a fellow CAL Alumni!!! From left to right: Paige Tamada and Monica Diliberto.

When I am not busy with schoolwork or trying to get a full time offer (like most of us are doing right about now), I am on the Executive Board of FAST (Fashion and Student Trends)— a student run organization which hosts bi-annual fashion shows that showcase the talents of our student-models and student-designers on campus. I am the Shattuck Cohort Leader for the Class of 2015’s Haas Cohort Program, I teach a Retailing DeCal on campus, and I also blog for the Haas Undergraduate’s Blog. Oh, and did I mention that I actually get a decent amount of sleep, have good grades and have a pretty great social life too? Yes, you heard me correctly—it is possible to have it all at UC Berkeley (and not suffer too much).

There exists this problem that we each face every day of our lives on campus and it is known as the UC Berkeley Trilemma. Here at school, you are given three incredibly great opportunities: to have a great social life, get good grades or get a decent amount of sleep. For those of us who are student-athletes, they must also consider their performance in their sport as part of this decision pie. However (and here’s the catch), there is this stigma that you can only have two out of the three of those things. It is a difficult decision to make; however, we all make this decision every day as a student here at UC Berkeley.

Most of us will gravitate towards having great grades and a social life and, as a result, we suffer from sleep deprivation. Our reasoning for this choice is that we are only given 4 years at this prestigious school, so we might as well make the most of this opportunity. More plainly put, you only live once. For those of us who like to let the die-hard “nerd” in ourselves take charge in our lives, we will opt for great grades and a decent amount of sleep. There are eons of time to make those best friends at my fabulous full-time job and let’s all be honest: we only befriend other students in class so that we can share notes if we decide to catch up on more sleep.

Regardless of which two you decide to choose and your reasoning behind your choices, I am here to tell you that you actually can have all 3 components of this Trilemma. Coming in as a Transfer Student, I knew that I only had 2 years to not only get that CAL experience, but to also make friends, join clubs, do well in school, get a full-time offer, and not regret one second of anything. My time crunch definitely pushed me to try say yes to every opportunity that was given to me, which sometimes led to a bust, but I allowed myself to go out of my comfort zone and ended up with having a great social life, great grades, and the ability to get enough sleep. After all, if you could have it all, wouldn’t you want it all?

The Cohort Program attends a Comedy Show in Oakland.  From left to right: Juliana Kim, Monica Diliberto, Jessica Li, Bryan Moore, Lyall Behrens, Subha Rengarajan, Stacey Patten, Corde Snell, Rafy Choi, Eric Golden and Jessica Yi.

The Cohort Program attends a Comedy Show in Oakland. From left to right: Juliana Kim, Monica Diliberto, Jessica Li, Bryan Moore, Lyall Behrens, Subha Rengarajan, Stacey Patten, Corde Snell, Rafy Choi, Eric Golden and Jessica Yi.

After reflecting over this past academic year at CAL, I have come up with some tips on how you can overcome this UC Berkeley Trilemma:

1. Work/school-life balance. I cannot emphasize this enough! If you can learn to master this during your time at UC Berkeley, you will not only be excellent at time management and efficiency in school, but you will also succeed immensely when you start working full-time post-grad.

My Production and Operations Management final project group.  They were all international graduate students from Sweden! From left to right: Johannes Hultling, Monica Diliberto, Behrang Abbassi, Sofia Toft and Henrik Berg.

My Production and Operations Management final project group. From left to right: Johannes Hultling, Monica Diliberto, Behrang Abbassi, Sofia Toft and Henrik Berg.

2. Put yourself out there. We all “say” we will go out to those club events or promise our friends that we will go those mixers, but actually go! Even if it is not your normal scene or you don’t know anyone going to this event, I promise you, it is better to say you went than not go at all. And even if it is a total bust, at least you will have a great story to tell your friends or kids someday. “So kids, back in my day when I was at CAL…”

Representing that blue and gold at the CAL vs. Colorado Football Game at Memorial Stadium (9/27/14).

Representing that blue and gold at the CAL vs. Colorado Football Game at Memorial Stadium (9/27/14).

3. Remember, it IS socially acceptable to stay in on a Friday night to study. I know that we all feel pressured to go out to those tempting frat parties or Pappy’s, but it is not the end of the world if you don’t go out this weekend. Those frats and bars are not going anywhere. Plan to have a date night with Moffit or Main Stacks every so often.

4. I am not insinuating anything, but hit the gym! Working out gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Make the effort to either go to the RSF or get some physical activity at least 3-5 times per week. Not only will you stay happy and healthy, but also it is a great break from your busy life and you will be able to focus more once you get back to the books. Don’t be intimidated by those tough guys lifting heavy weights—I promise, they are nice enough.

My latest hike up to the Big C on a beautiful Saturday morning.  From left to right: Brian Yandell and Monica Diliberto.

My latest hike up to the Big C on a beautiful Saturday morning. From left to right: Brian Yandell and Monica Diliberto.

5. Have designated “me” time. Take yourself on a date to your favorite coffee shop/restaurant, enjoy a hike on the Fire Trails, watch the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy in one sitting—whatever it is, invest time in yourself. It is easy to get caught up in the UC Berkeley stress-stupor and sometimes we can lose ourselves in the midst of midterms. Just remember that college is about finding yourself and figuring out who you want to be. If you are so caught up in classes, with your professors and with how recruiters will view you, how will you ever be able to realize what your true potential is? Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and always think of “me” time as a long-term investment for success.

The Men's Gymnastics Team helps me find my seat at the CAL vs. Colorado Football Game on Saturday, September 27, 2014.  From left to right: Kevin Wolting, Monica Diliberto and Michael Diliberto.

The Men’s Gymnastics Team helps me find my seat at the CAL vs. Colorado Football Game on Saturday, September 27, 2014. From left to right: Kevin Wolting, Monica Diliberto and Michael Diliberto.