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The Haas Undergraduate Blog is a platform dedicated to providing an “insider perspective” into life as a student at Haas. It aims to serve as a valuable resource for Haas alumni, as well as current, non-major, incoming, and prospective Haas undergraduates, who are interested in learning about the culture and current happenings in the prestigious business program.

We are excited to introduce the Haas Undergraduate Blog Team (2016-17)!

We have a diverse group of bloggers ranging from various backgrounds: continuing, transfer, student veteran, and international. Meet the team!

Katherine Krive, Class of 2017

Katherine .jpg

Katherine Krive, Managing Director

Hello, Haas community! I am thrilled to be the Managing Director for our Haas Undergraduate Student Blog this year. I am originally from Petaluma, CA (just an hour northwest of here) and will be finishing up my business administration degree this coming May. Mentorship is one of my passions. I’m involved as a mentor in several organizations throughout campus, including the Haas Mentorship program, SPMP for transfer students, and Livingwater Church.

This past summer, I interned as a management consultant associate in Silicon Valley, where I worked on projects within the tech industry, and simultaneously confirmed that I want to continue in consulting post-graduation. In my free time I love grabbing chai with friends, singing, finding new cafes to snapchat, and traveling. I look forward to working for you this year to continue providing a glimpse into life as a Haas student through the blog, building community, and building our brand as one of the top undergraduate business programs in the country.


Lexa Gundelach, Class of 2017

lexa pic.jpg

Lexa Gundelach, Co-Director

Hello there! I’m a co-director for the Haas Undergraduate Blog this year and a senior at Haas. I am from the Bay Area and I am a proud transfer student. With the time I’ve been at UC Berkeley, I have had the chance to get involved in multiple business organizations, co-teach a DeCal, and land an awesome internship at a tech company. I have also been able to give back and help community college students transfer to UC Berkeley through the Starting Point Mentorship Program.

Although I haven’t found my true passion, I am pursuing a career in either marketing or consulting – ideally consulting in the marketing space. Besides academics, I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and skiing. Fun fact: I ski 2-3 times a year in New Mexico! I also have a love for traveling: I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during my first year of college and I have started planning a post-grad trip to Southeast Asia.


Dana Siegel, Class of 2017

DanaSiegelHeadShot (1)

Dana Siegel, Senior Writer

I’ve transitioned from a Newport Beach island dweller to an enthusiastic Cal Bear. I’m proud to have earned a place on the Dean’s Honor Roll as a fourth year, double major in the Haas Undergraduate Business Administration program and Legal Studies in The College of Letters and Science. I’m an active participant in the Berkeley community through my roles as President of Order of Omega, an all Greek honor and leadership society, and as a member of the Student Gift Campaign. I’m finally back from across the pond.

I’m excited to be home, having traded Big Ben for the Berkeley Campanile. My experiences are widely varied and include planning large, philanthropic fundraising events, most recently in Berkeley as Vice President of Philanthropic Service for the Sigma Kappa sorority, benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. I’ve had an interesting journalism career as Editor of three high school papers (two of which were launched by me). I have created digital marketing, designs, and advertisements included an art exhibition created during my time studying abroad, published by University College London (UCL).

I’ve combined an active social life with serious academic pursuits. I spent my past summers taking law courses from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst and ULC. My involvement in Haas and my legal studies course work have reaffirmed my desire to continue my education in law and business. The intricacies, complications, craftsmanship, and creativity used in navigating our legal system and managing businesses are both intriguing and exciting to me.  GO BEARS!


Sammy Tong, Class of 2017

Sammy Tong_Photo.jpg

Sammy Tong, Senior Writer

Hello! My name is Sammy Tong and I’m a continuing writer here on the Undergraduate Blog. I’m originally from Hong Kong but I’ve lived in Canada and the States too. Last semester, I studied abroad in Sweden (so if you’re interested in studying abroad, let me tell you all the amazing things that make it worthwhile).

In my free time, I like to bake and cook. I am an avid subscribe of cooking channels on YouTube and enjoy making my own recipes when I need to de-stress. If I have spare time, I also enjoy going outdoors- especially hikes or water sports. I’m a morning person so I like to take a run in the morning before the day starts- it keeps me refreshed! You should consider it too! Another fun fact about me is that I’ve finally gotten around downloaded Yelp so now I’m quite obsessed with writing restaurant reviews.


Michael Saucedo, Class of 2018


Michael Saucedo, Writer

My name is Michael, I graduated high school in 2009 and as the oldest of 5 kids I helped support my family financially through the recession of 2008. After a year of working full time I joined the Marine Corps where I was stationed for 1 year at Camp Fuji, Japan and 3 years at Camp Pendleton, California. I deployed on a humanitarian relief mission in 2011 following the 9.0 earthquake that struck north eastern Japan, and deployed again with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2012. I left the Marines in 2014 and attended a local junior college to assist with my transition to civilian life. I transferred to the Haas School of Business this past June and was named a Regents and Chancellor Scholar at UC Berkeley.

My goal is to work in finance at a competitive tech company in order to exemplify as a business professional that success is possible for anyone regardless of social or cultural backgrounds. I like to shoot things and was a two time expert qualifier with the M16/M4 in the US Marine Corps, I am currently enrolled in the Archery decal at Berkeley. I also like strategy based games, particularly Texas Hold Em since it is a game that has a large spectrum of skill level and it is something you could play almost anywhere. I like to travel and I’ve been to Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Guam, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines (mostly through military service).


Mina Seo, Class of 2017


Mina Seo, Writer

My name is Mina Seo and I am a 4th year business, and peace and conflict studies major. I love to travel and stay active! Some of the places I have been to are Zion National Park, Korea, and England!

I also love to snowboard. I am on the ski and snowboard team, and I treasure every moment I have with the snow. I even think about snow during the summer and even now. My dream is to travel the world and check out really amazing ski resorts and go back country snowboarding in Alaska.

I love to sing and dance. You could say I’m a double threat but I’m no threat at all. I danced for Main Stacks Dance Team in college, and was in choir for 7 years. Nowadays I just sing and dance in the shower or car.

As a peace and conflict studies major, I am really interested in learning about history and social justice. I believe that revenge only fosters more hate, and that nothing ever justifies killing innocent (and sometimes guilty) human beings. I’m also into human rights activism, and addressing economic inequality especially in developing nations.


Arhum Ali, Class of 2018


Arhum Ali, Writer

My name is Arhum Ali, and I am a junior transfer at the Haas School of Business.  My passion in helping young people maximize their potential in their formidable years is what has driven me in becoming the founder of two non-profit organizations.  

The DJ Halal Radio project has the objective of feeding young minds with positive-spirited inspiration, and Strive Fitness is a camp that promotes and inculcates physical fitness into their lives. I enjoy basketball, working-out, and reading books. This year I had the unique pleasure of skydiving which was probably the best experience of my life.  I also love making new friends and am a very interesting person to get to know.



Federico Crivelli, Class of 2018


Federico Crivelli, Writer

I was born and raised in the Italian capital of Fashion and Business, Milan. When I was 16, I put a cross next to the box “United States, anywhere,” I signed at the bottom, and one year later I was a foreign exchange student in a VERY small farm town in Washington State. I absolutely loved it and fell in love with the U.S., so I decided I wanted to stay. I went to Santa Barbara City College for two years before transferring to Cal.

Today I am a junior studying Business Administration; I am interested in consulting and I am looking into different business clubs on campus. I am also involved in the Greek System, and I am currently pledging the social fraternity Phi Kappa Psi, where I am running for Pledge Social Chair… My biggest passion is for people, as I love making new friends and learning from others (yes, I like that more than learning from books!).

I am also very passionate about health and fitness, and I believe in the Latin maxim “mens sana in corpore sano,” which means “a healthy mind inside of a healthy body.” I believe taking care of your body is just as important as studying and training your mind, and you can expect me mentioning this in at least one blog post if I may. Swimming is my favorite type of fitness, but other than that I also enjoy traveling, exploring, cooking (duh, I am Italian), and most importantly EverythingAndAnything as long as I do it with my friends.


Josh Wang, Class of 2017

Headshot Wang, Joshua.png

Josh Wang, Writer

I am a senior at Haas who is passionate about people. In my last year at Haas, my ultimate goal is to cultivate my relationships with the people around me and make it an unforgettable year. I’m starting to realize that my time at this amazing school is coming to a close, and am driven to create as many fun memories as possible.

Professionally, I am interested in a career at the intersection of technology and finance, but eventually would like to start a business that brings people together and makes an impact on the community.  Outside of class and work, I love to meet people and network. I never pass up a chance to get coffee or chat over dinner, and love talking about things that matter – such as politics, philosophy, and whether Kanye’s new music is better than his old music.

Beyond that, I am also passionate about boxing and kickboxing, which I’ve been doing for about 1 ½ years, and surfing, which I’ve been trying to do since I graduated high school. Overall, I am a very active guy and my version of an ideal weekend would be a road trip to Santa Cruz to hike in the mountains before trekking down to the beach to surf.

Applications to be a Writer for the Haas Undergraduate Student Blog are Open!

The Haas Undergraduate Student Blog is looking for writers for this academic year, writing about the experiences that Haas has to offer. As a member of the team, you will have the opportunity to represent the Haas student body through blogging, build a tight-knit community of dedicated writers and fellow business students, while also working with organizations such as the Hahands-coffee-cup-apple.jpgas Business School Association (HBSA), the Haas Undergraduate Program Office, and the BerkeleyHaas Marketing Department.

We are looking for motivated students who are interested in writing about the Haas community and their experiences as business students. Our blog is a valuable resource that provides a glimpse into the first-hand experiences of Haas undergrads to prospective and current business students, UC Berkeley staff, and alumni. Bloggers do not have to be experienced, but should enjoy writing short blog posts. Authors have the freedom and flexibility to choose the topics that they write about as long as they commit to publishing 1-2 articles per month. Training will be provided if necessary.

Recruiting timeline:

9/13 – Applications are due at 11:59pm

9/16 – Short interviews will be conducted for selected candidates

9/19 – Applicants will be notified about decisions

9/22 – Welcome Dinner for selected Haas writers

Application is here. Attach in an email to haasundergradblog@gmail.com along with your resume and a headshot. 

We look forward to reading your applications!

Class of 2018 Haas Undergraduate Student Orientation

This article was written by William Vasseti (BS ’18) 


Here are the logistics of orientation in case you weren’t there or fell asleep:

Overall, orientation consisted of good information about our cohorts, recruiting and careers, the alumni network, HBSA and a talk by the inspirational alumnus Lucky Sandhu (he is awesome!). There were also several opportunities to network with recruiters as well as a chance to hear from an employer panel consisting of firms like PwC, Accenture and Pandora. There was also ice cream.

What it felt like to be there:

On Monday morning, I checked in and entered the auditorium after my first of surely many rushed FIFO café breakfasts and found my assigned cohort group in the middle of the room. As a transfer student, I felt a bit out of place at first, but my initial anxiety about orientation went away just a tad after I recognized a few familiar faces sitting in the massive auditorium. I found a seat and just as I struck up small talk with the people next to me, orientation started at 9:30am. After a brief welcome and overview of Haas history, Dean Lyons took the stage. It was cool to see him speak about the four defining principles in person. He reminded us that we were meant to be in Haas and that it wasn’t a mistake (whew!). Seeing him in real life felt like meeting a celebrity, especially after having watched him on YouTube back when admission into Haas was still a hope. That’s right people, don’t forget how badly you wanted to get into Haas and how excitedly nervous you were to hear back about your application.

But, when the stress builds up and you’re in it, it’s easy to forget the anticipation of getting accepted to Haas that we all once held. Try not to beat yourself up if you feel stressed because my personal experience and preliminary research indicates that everyone at Haas, if not all of Cal, has at least one moment where stress seems to become unbearable. Please remember that we’re here to support each other and that it’s okay to talk about how you feel.

In my first week, I already felt a bit stressed. Before you know it there are assignments due, class schedules to sort out, info sessions to attend, the feeling that you “have” to network or you’ll miss out, clubs to join, resumes to finalize and on and on…

img_3588Back to orientation. After the speakers in the auditorium, we took a break to enjoy a Top Dog lunch and spent time socializing with other students. There were several companies with booths and a nice little pop-up market that sold shirts, jackets and other Haas gear. After hanging out for a while, we went back inside to listen to practical career advice about internships and resumes before Mr. Lucky Sandhu took the stage and reminded us that we are fortunate to be at Haas and that we have a purpose. It was an engaging presentation that really made orientation feel good. We then had a Q&A with recruiters, and by around 3:30pm orientation was officially wrapping up. Hopefully you collected your much anticipated Haas branded backpack and set off into the horizon. Two weeks later, I still use my backpack with a hint of insecurity about looking like a Haashole – but, hey! I made it in!

My main takeaways from orientation and the first two weeks are that 1) Others are here to support you and it’s okay to talk about your feelings. Many others are going through the same things 2) I can’t do everything at once, and 3) I am grateful to be here.

A Haas Course that Wheeled a Rotisserie Food Truck to Success

Some people wish to meet celebrities or Olympic athletes, but I would want to meet an owner of a renowned culinary shop. I had the chance to live out this dream this past Saturday morning during my regular Ferry Building Farmer’s Market stroll. By chance, I met Thomas Odermatt, a UC Berkeley alumnus, who has—quite literally— been roasting up a storm at his food truck, RoliRoti Gourmet Rotisserie.

Upon arriving at the Farmer’s Market, you can’t mistake Odermatt’s food truck. Enveloped in the fresh aromas of tender chicken and rosemary potato cubes, the truck is flanked by a queue of customers that wraps around the corner of the Ferry Building. Once you see the line and get a glimpse of the crispy herbed pork sliced into Porchetta sandwiches, you know you’re in the right place.

IMG_0425Thomas Odermatt, the owner, making the Porchetta sandwiches himself for his line of hungry customers

A Class Project that Became Reality

Like all successful companies, RoliRoti had to start somewhere. For Odermatt, it started with a business plan project from an entrepreneurship class at Haas in 2001. It was with the encouragement of his professor that he really ventured off with the idea.

While an idea can form overnight, the actual research and behind-the-scenes effort take much longer to execute. Growing up with a family in the retail meat industry, Odermatt was inspired to center his business around savory rotisserie. Street food at the time was inexpensive and regulations were not strictly enforced. Taking advantage of this mostly unregulated sector, Odermatt chose to specialize in roasted chicken- an inexpensive meat that suits most people’s stomachs.

Creating a successful business plan often comes from a good idea. But ultimately, it must bring disruption into the industry. In 2012, no one had thought about getting a gourmet meal from a food truck.

Success Comes From Failure

When you take a bite into the juicy chicken and flavorful pork loin, your taste buds can rest assured the food is developed from a family recipe passed down for generations. However, it was not always this way.

Early fans of RoliRoti might remember how the food truck had once served a French dish called Ratatouille. This was due to the wildly popular Disney movie at that time, and so Odermatt thought he could use this for leverage in the market and offer his own version of it. However, he removed it shortly from the menu because of poor sales compared to its rotisserie chicken counterpart. From this experience, Odermatt learned a valuable lesson: do not change the business model to follow perceived popularity from the media.

Now the menu features only a handful of items. This is part of Odermatt’s philosophy: “instead of having many options that are all average, take one of them and make it your signature”. His philosophy has paid off visibly, as he reports that on any given day, he sells over 800 porchetta sandwiches and roasts over 500 whole chickens.


The famous Porchetta sandwich and chicken

Staying at the Forefront of Food Truck Industry & Beyond

RoliRoti’s success is partly due to its promise in its unchanged recipe from the start. It is almost “a little bit old fashioned,” as Odermatt puts it—retaining the same flavor that guarantees the same high quality dining experience every time.

Over the course of a few years, the food truck has grown into becoming a main chicken supplier in the Bay Area. It now provides the meat for Whole Cart, a mobile food service/catering company that brings groups of food trucks to corporate events; a concept similar to Off the Grid because both entities share the same owner.

Now in 2016, Odermatt has big plans ahead for the industry and his company. For the past 1.5 years, Odermatt has been preparing to bring Sous Vide cooking method, the ability to cook in a vacuum sealed bag of a temperature controlled water bath, to the production facility of mobile culinary operations. Sous Vide cooking is already well-known in restaurants for producing meat with an even doneness without dry edges or rare centers. Odermatt wants to introduce it into the business model of commercial driven operations.

Even though RoliRoti has expanded to more businesses beyond the food truck scene, Odermatt is still committed to his customers. You’ll occasionally spot him at the market preparing the Porchetta sandwiches because he believes in personally receiving customer feedback and quickly adapting to the change. As he puts it, “no matter how big we are, the key is always the customer.” So next time you stand in line waiting for your order, don’t forget to greet the staff. Did I mention that’s how I got to chat with Thomas about this food truck?

Advice for Incoming Haas Transfers



PreCore for Haas Transfers, 2015

In two days, I and my fellow transfer students will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of our acceptance into UC Berkeley and the Haas School of Business. Many of us (or quite possibly all of us) vividly remember the moment that we received the good news.

I was sitting in front of the computer screen, trying to decide if I was ready to log-in to the application portal. A few hours earlier, I had received the message that the system was being “updated.” Nothing can quite describe the heart-stopping feeling that I experienced as I stared at my laptop, not knowing whether my name was being added to the list of those accepted or not. So finally I took a breath, input my log-in information, and pressed enter. The first thing I saw was the face of our director of undergraduate admissions, Amy Jarich–also fondly known as “that beautiful blond woman,” to recent Cal admits. The second thing that I saw was, “Congratulations!” written in large yellow letters across the screen. I definitely screamed, hugged my mom, called my sister, and burst into tears on the phone.

Receiving the acceptance into Haas represented all of the energy, determination, effort, and time that we put in as transfer students. It represented the two part-time jobs and the night classes, the social lives we sacrificed, and the loved ones that we pushed ourselves for. Being a part of this community of incredibly diverse and talented students, I have been inspired again and again by the stories that my peers have to share.

So, as the date approaches for the reveal of the Haas Transfer Class of 2018, I and my fellow transfers would like to welcome you with a few pieces of advice born out of our experiences over this past year at Cal.

Advice for Incoming Haas Transfers from the Transfer Class of ‘17

Summer Preparation

  1. Do the PreCore program
  2. Have resume and cover letters written prior to beginning of semester — Polish up your professional profile (resume, cover letter, Linkedin), recruiting season starts before it begins!
  3. Get the Felkins stamp of approval on everything
  4. Have a valuable internship before coming in (whether that is defined as a brand-name company or valuable learning experience)
  5. Recruiting starts on the first day of school, be ready to hit the ground running by taking advantage of Haas resources over the summer!
  6. Figure out what you want to do before you get to Haas (by doing a lot of research and networking) because it could be very challenging to find an internship when you don’t know what you want


  1. Remember that you got in and you deserve to be here; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially during the initial rush of info-sessions/recruiting/clubs
  2. Don’t stress about internships. Remember that it is just a summer job because while you are in recruiting it can feel  like the most important thing in the world
  3. Follow your own pace in preparing for recruiting, and don’t stress when you see your peers receiving interviews or internship offers
  4. The Career Center is an awesome resource that I discovered very late so be sure to use it from the beginning of your time here at Berkeley

Beyond Haas

  1. There’s more to Berkeley than Haas. Explore around, take the day off, read a book, take BART
  2. Events put on by the school might have cheesy names and themes, but they are a great way of meeting people!
  3. As a transfer student, you may struggle with the challenge of trying to fit a 4 year experience into 2 short years. Make sure to take advantage of the fact that you attend one of the best universities in the world. Whether it is to take elective courses outside of Haas, pick up an additional degree, join or start a club, or attend the multitude of events the greater campus has to offer, invest in getting the most out of your time at Cal

Building Community

  1. Find your people. Don’t be afraid to reach out to have coffee with fellow juniors or seniors
  2. Put yourself out there – your peers at Haas are extremely valuable resources.
  3. Try to create study groups from the beginning because studying together with people makes your life way easier
  4. Be around different types of people. Create a diverse and extensive network, you’ll never know who will be helpful in the future
  5. Get involved in an organization. Whether it be ASUC, HBSA, finance or consulting clubs, or even volunteering with Project Smile. Find friends outside of the business school to give you a better Cal experience

Within Haas

  1. Don’t overload yourself and do pace yourself–Haas is a marathon, not a sprint
  2. Your classes will be hard. You are now just one fish in a gigantic lake, and succeeding academically will be significantly harder than it was before in your little tide pools
  3. Work hard in your classes. But don’t place grades as your most important goal. Appreciate your education, spend time learning what you like. Go learn it in the real world. Read extra books, do research. It is supposed to be challenging, but it is also supposed to be enjoyable, and induce growth on a personal level. Worrying solely about grades steals that opportunity from you
  4. Although school is stressful, try to enjoy and find the beauty in the process. Take classes that are going to be interesting to you, take advantage of the great faculty, and try to absorb as much knowledge as you can
  5. You’ll make your time at Haas what you want it to be. Adjusting will be hard, but don’t try and do what everyone else is doing. If you have your own path, push forward and follow it!
  6. You’re here. Let yourself enjoy the fact that you’re at one of the best business schools in the world, and with that, comes a level of excellence you must demand of yourself—as these next two years will represent your greatest challenges to date

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

– Haas Transfer Class of 2017


*Many thanks to Yifan Gong, Nathan McWilliams, Michael David Dunn, Jiwen Zheng, Hank Sze, Sasha Tetera, Edgar Okorie, Silvia Ricchiardi, Nabil Hamade, Brianna Bottle, Ramzy Azar, Saim Ali, and John Prawira Aten for their contributions to this post. 

MBA Spotlight: Anthony “Ace” Patterson

Ace Rapper PhotoAnthony “Ace” Patterson is a Haas MBA ’16, and the son of Jamaican immigrants. Born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Anthony has been exploring all over the world. He chose to pursue an MBA after a mission trip to South America where he had a realization that he could use the tools of business to bring development and restoration to communities across the world. Anthony chose to come to Haas for its culture, but equally important, Anthony wanted to go beyond what was normal and travel across the country to foster new relationships and undergo much personal growth. Well, and also to enjoy the wonderful weather the Bay has to offer. Anthony interned at Deloitte Consulting last summer and will be returning full-time. Outside of school, Anthony is a traveler and artist.

What drives and inspires you?

I think of this scripture: “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” In all of my actions, I desire to represent myself as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. I also remember something I learned while I was in South America: “preach the gospel every day, and when necessary use words.” Every day I seek to embody that. I’m not perfect at it, but God is merciful.

How have you made the best of your time at Haas?

While at Haas, I have taken full advantage of what life and the program has to offer. Last semester, I traveled to Barcelona, Spain where I was able to explore the culture and really advance my Spanish. To make things even more interesting, I started learning French. Oui oui, to date I know 1,000 words. Spain is just one of the many places I have gotten the opportunity to visit while at B-school; I’ve visited 16 countries (and 25 non-US cities). Two projects that have allowed me to give back and go beyond myself were co-directing the national MBA Believers in Business conference in 2016 and leading a pro-bono consulting project to help rebrand and restructure a Haas-affiliated nonprofit education program. I also restarted making music and performing again, and, best of all, I’m planning to get married after business school in May.

Why music and what it means to you?

Ha ha! I always loved rhyming thanks to Dr. Seuss.  By Kindergarten I made rhyming books and poems, and by the end of middle school, I started experimented with turning those same rhymes into rhythm over beats. My desire and passion for music grew from there. Music, particularly rapping, has always been a way of self-expression, authenticity, and telling a story. I’m particular with seeking to tell “non-fiction” stories. Music is a great medium for me to illustrate the things of life the way I’ve experienced it to be and dialogue with listeners in hopes to entertain, challenge, and inspire.

I hear you are also better known as “Ace”. How did you get this name?

I don’t remember who first called me “Ace” – but by 13 or 14 years old that’s how I was called. It was even on my High School diploma as my middle name because that’s what the administration assumed. Now it’s pretty interchangeable – although, I remember when I got my first real job post-undergrad and people were calling me “Anthony” – I wouldn’t respond sometimes. Took a while to get used to it. I think I’m fine now though!

Any words of wisdom for undergrads?

Chances are you don’t know what the future holds. Perhaps you don’t even know what you’re doing after graduation. That’s okay. I’ve been in those shoes. Five years ago I couldn’t even fathom the reality of me graduating from Haas. Never even on my radar. But life happened. Allow for life to happen in your life – the less control you try to have over it, the truer of a life you will live!

I couldn’t forget the most important question of them all. Do you have any songs out?

Yes I do! I started a new project called “Out The Wilderness” and released my first single from that last month called, “Truth.” I’m releasing another one from the same project this weekend – definitely be on the lookout for that! Everything can be found on my Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/acexpatt). And also my fellow classmate, Bomi Kim, and I made the “Official Haas Anthem” called, “YOHO” – everybody on campus has been singing that, which has been pretty dope!

If you haven’t run into Anthony, next time you see him at FIFO or the courtyard, say hello! He is one of the coolest, most genuine people you will meet at Haas. He truly enjoys connecting with Undergrads and sharing his perspective!

4 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer to be a Class Rep


Professor Alexander Nezlobin (UGBA 102B) and his class reps Mohsen Sheta and Kendal Madden after lunch at the Faculty Club

There is always that awkward moment at the beginning of the semester that you get the privilege of encountering over and over again in every single one of your Haas classes. The moment when your professor musters up the courage to ask, or more accurately, state “I need 1-2 student volunteers to be class representatives for the semester.” With no immediate response from the sea of students in front of her/him, the professor continues to list the minimal duties of being a class rep, as students continue to gaze blankly or hide behind their computers and phones. Finally after a long pause a student (always from the first or second row) volunteers. Not being able to stand the desperate, uncomfortable look on the professor’s face for a second longer, I am often that student.

The good news is, after being a class rep for the past four semesters for multiple classes, I have many benefits to report in an attempt to inspire you all to raise your hand for what should be a coveted position in an institution of individuals known for going beyond themselves.

  1. Improve your communication skills

Spontaneously practice your public speaking skills as you inform the class of the steps to completing their mid-semester and end-of-semester course evaluations. You can even practice your techniques of persuasion to convince the few students who immediately get up to leave early to stay and contribute to Haas’ growth and development.

  1. Know your classmates better

Often for large classes, there will be 2-3 class reps selected (if the number of volunteers allows). I’ve had several experiences where I became closer with my fellow class rep then I had been before the start of the course. We got together to discuss and summarize the class feedback to present to our professor and ended up swapping numbers so we could study together in preparation for our upcoming midterm. This is especially valuable if you don’t have close friends in the class and are looking for someone to ask when the homework is due or do group projects with.

  1. Know your professors better

In my experience this has been the most valuable benefit of being a class rep, even in a lecture of hundreds of students, your professor will know who you are (even if you don’t regularly attend office hours). Class reps typically meet with the professor mid-semester and give feedback on their peer’s impressions of the course. Sharing honest feedback and helping the professor strategize to better address student needs puts you in the ideal position to help solve pain points for your professor. Occasionally you’ll even have a professor who goes above and beyond by taking their class reps out to lunch to get to know their student volunteers better. Getting to know your professors better can be extremely beneficial for students looking for letters of recommendation for post college opportunities.

  1. Appreciation from the undergraduate office

The good news is this appreciation typically comes in the form of a gift card to a local eatery such as Pete’s or Jamba Juice. Who doesn’t love the added perk of a free drink as the semester comes to a close? Though I am in no position to say whether this gift card policy will continue in future semesters, I’m only speaking of my experience from the past. But just incase anyone from the undergraduate office is reading this- student class reps greatly appreciate the token of appreciation.

I hope you’ve all been moved to action so that at the beginning of next semester professors will be pleasantly startled by the swarm of eager students volunteering to be their class rep! Have another benefit to add or a unique experience as a class rep at Haas? Please comment below; we would love to hear your thoughts!

Career Profile: Lexa Gundelach, Global Sales

Career Profiles is a series of posts that features Haas students who have accepted an internship or full time job offer across various industries.


Lexa Gundelach is currently a 3rd year Business Administration student. She transferred to Haas from Diablo Valley College, where she was highly active on campus as the President of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, among other things. Since coming to UC Berkeley, Lexa has been involved with the Undergraduate Marketing Association (UMA) as an event consultant and worked on social media marketing with the Latino Business Student Association (LBSA). This spring, she is co-teaching two UBGA 198 DeCal courses, Marketing & Networking, and Marketing Thought Leadership. She recently accepted an offer from LinkedIn as a Global Sales Intern in the San Francisco office for this coming summer.

Was it difficult recruiting for a “non-ABC” internship? What were some of the challenges that you faced throughout the process?

Although there aren’t nearly as many recruiting events on campus for “non-ABC” internships/full-time positions, I wouldn’t say it was difficult. Through self-directed online research, company info sessions on campus, and networking I was able to find many opportunities in the fields of marketing and sales. I also believe that the work you put into recruiting is made much easier if you’re passionate about the work and the companies you are applying for.

How important was networking before, during, and after your interviews?

Networking was the most important aspect of the recruiting process for me by far. Making a human connection with recruiters and interviewers is extremely important to make a lasting impression. I went to every info session and networking event LinkedIn held on campus last semester so I could connect with the recruiters and make myself memorable, knowing that they meet many, many students each week from top colleges. Staying in touch with recruiters during and after the interview process is also important and following up shows you are eager about the position.

Why did you choose Global Sales at LinkedIn? Was it a difficult choice?

I became interested in LinkedIn from an info session I attended about their full-time positions in Global Sales available for graduating seniors. I went anyways because I figured they would be able to answer the questions I had about internship opportunities, which they happily did. During the info session, the passion that the employees held for the company and the work that they were doing stood out to me. LinkedIn’s values and leadership resonated with me and the more research I did on the company, the more I became interested. I decided to apply for the Global Sales internship because I am intrigued by consumer behavior and understanding what motivates people, so I wanted to be in a client-facing role where I could help people reach their full potential using LinkedIn. This choice was not difficult for me as I did a lot of research on the company and work environment so I knew that it was the right fit for me!

What advice do you have for students who are currently recruiting or beginning the process this coming fall?

First, I recommend that incoming students this fall find a field of business that they are passionate about and then put their effort into networking with companies that they have shared values with. This makes the process much easier. Second, this may sound like promotion, but looking up the LinkedIn profiles of your recruiters/interviewers before your interviews is a great tool. Try to pick up on one fact about your interviewer from their profile that doesn’t have to do with their career and ask them a question about it at the end of the interview. There’s almost always time at the end of interviews for questions so prepare at least three questions to ask (this shows you are not only prepared but interested in the position). Lastly, remember to be yourself in interviews. Recruiting and being a full-time student is stressful and difficult at times but keep a positive outlook and remember that the outcome is worth it!

HBSA Election: Candidate Platforms (2016-2017)

HBSA Election – 2016 Voter Guide


Please note candidates are listed in alphabetical order by position.

Voting for HBSA Elections will take place beginning at 8am on Monday, April 4th, 2016 – 8pm on Friday, April 8th, 2016 via Campus Groups. Until then, please take a few minutes and carefully read though the HBSA 2016 Voter Guide below.

Grace Lee 

Grace Lee


Through my service as the HBSA VP of Technology & Communications and Axe Cohort Leader, I’ve realized HBSA has become my genuine passion because its purpose directly aligns with the matters close to my heart: the business education at Haas and student government. HBSA has challenged me, helped me grow, and made me understand what can be done for the Haas community I love. Now, I want to drive impact on a larger scale for this community we will have a stake in for a lifetime beyond graduation. My current involvement includes creating the HBSA website from scratch, spearheading Business Week’s video, social media campaign and photobooth, and providing resources for Pre-Haas and Transfer students. My work is rooted in 3 pillars: Community, Service, and Representation, inspiring specific platforms and initiatives I will continue to execute as President. I am well equipped to sustain and improve the many things HBSA has built this year such as our first Business Week, Mentorship Programs, and Case Competition Series, and developed strong relationships with MBA officers and undergraduate program office in this process to advocate for you. My platforms include (1) working with HBSA Executives to create a Farewell Seniors Haas Gala to celebrate graduating seniors and Haas community (2) scaling the MBA mentorship pilot program for all students, and (3) revamping the Cohort Program to better serve students. I encourage you to visit my Facebook page for more of my platforms and look forward to hearing your thoughts through this election process.


Mitchell Quon 

Mitchell Quon

Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President of HBSA, my goal is to bridge the connection between students in Haas, the Haas administration and the professional world. As someone that strives to create change whenever there is untapped potential, I envision HBSA as the student government that can develop and implement new solutions to create a better business community here at UC Berkeley. My platform consists of three goals:

(1) Provide more opportunities for students to better prepare for technical and case interviews – Currently, the Career Center offers mock interviews that prepare students for behavioral interviews, but it does not provide help with preparing for case interviews or technical interviews. My goal is to create a program where students can sign up for practice case or technical interviews with experts in their potential careers. (2)Create resources to help students develop their technical skills – Many Haas students do not feel they are sufficient with their technical skills (Excel, Access, Tableau, SQL) and want to have more proficiency with them before entering into internships or full- time position. My plan is to partner with experts in these tools that can help Haas students become more confident in their technical skills. (3) Connect the Haas community with other academic disciplines. – Business is a multi-disciplinary field that requires the perspective of people from different non- business backgrounds. By implementing opportunities such as Interdisciplinary Business Week or themed case competitions that combine different majors such as Public Health and Legal Studies, I believe more diverse minds can be integrated to join forces and create better solutions.


Rushil Surapaneni 

Rushil Surapaneni

Vice President of Finance

Hello everyone! It is my honor to run for the VP of Finance on the platform of developing our resources to continue to enrich our academic and social experiences at Haas. My plans of action include 1) Developing the opportunity to work with organizations and individuals both on and off campus through using our funds for the benefit of the Haas student body with incentives as scholarships and awards to students, 2) Continuing to seek possible sponsorships with businesses to increase our pool of resources, 3) Allocating more funds to social activities both on and off-campus that will benefit us in regards to professional networking and getting to know everybody in the student body better, and 4) Having the budget approved to keep our ASUC sponsorship. I’ve worked as the treasurer for multiple organizations on-campus and I know both the highs and lows that come with the job and how to respond to situations of varying degrees. Our Haas community is one that I hold dear to me and is a community that is truly unlike any other on campus. I would love for the opportunity to serve all of you so we can make our time at Haas the best it can be and ensure a strong foundation for our Haas family to continue to grow and evolve. That is my ultimate goal and if elected, I will work to the best of my abilities to ensure financially we remain healthy and active.


Kelly Bo

Kelly Bo

VP of MBA & Alumni Relations

My name is Kelly Bo and I am running to be your Vice President of MBA & Alumni Relations. My experience as a Decal facilitator and a participant in the Leadership Program at KPMG has given me the skills and knowledge to facilitate strong relationships among students and build networks with professionals. My goal is to build a strong community among Haas undergraduates, MBA students, and Haas alumni by hosting networking events, as well as the development of two key programs: the existing MBA mentorship program and a new Haas externship program. Many Haas students have voiced their desire to connect with MBA students and learn from their experiences. MBA students come from different backgrounds and industries and make perfect mentors for undergraduate students. I would like to extend the MBA mentorship program to all Haas students so that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to navigate through their careers upon graduating. In addition, I would like to start a Haas externship program where Haas alumni would allow current Haas students to come and shadow them at work for a few days during winter break or the school year. As a participant in the Berkeley externship program during my freshman year, I can attest to how valuable that exposure to real- world working experience was, and I would like to extend this opportunity to Haas students by creating a program where more business opportunities are offered to them. I look forward to creating astrong network for all of you.
Sanjana Sathya

Sanjana Sathya

VP of MBA & Alumni Relations

Hello! My name is Sanjana and I would love to serve as your next Vice President of MBA and Alumni Relations. I know we are all extremely proud to be part of the Haas community, but what actually sets us apart? Our Haas experience is unique not only due to the knowledge we gain from outstanding professors, but also the exceptional networking opportunities outside the classroom. My goal is to bring networking, mentorship, and collaborative learning to the forefront of our undergraduate experience. I hope to accomplish this through 3 main objectives: (1)Establish an MBA-Undergraduate mentorship program to pair undergrads with MBAs, (2)Host monthly MBA- Undergraduate joint events such as Happy Hours and career and skill workshops, and (3)Create a Haas alumni database that spans various industries and helps you easily connect with alumni. Working at the Full-Time MBA office, I have interacted with many MBAs who are excited to help undergrads succeed. I would love to serve as the link between these two communities. Furthermore, as a Class of 2017 Cohort Leader and a mentor for the Haas Undergraduate Mentorship Program, I am committed to serving the Haas community.


Hank Sze

Hank Sze

VP of Professional Development

As a recent transfer student coming into Haas, I have been lucky enough to work with people coming from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. This background has influenced me to have a constant curiosity in exploring various career fields. Through my experience working as the Career Development Committee Chair at Ascend and my personal network at the Haas community, I have noticed many Haas students have the same characteristics as I do. Knowing that the majority of Haas graduates go to “ABC” industries, I aim to expand the spectrum of HBSA’s professional events towards non-ABC career paths. By doing so, I want to not only serve those who are pursuing career in non-ABC field, but I also plan to provide a different career perspective for those heading towards ABC industry. Below are the four main platforms I will implement as the VP of Professional Development, and I sincerely ask for your support to help me create a diverse and resourceful professional environment for the Haas Community!! (1)Increase the frequency of professional workshops that focuses on helping students get an insider look of different career paths (2)Host more workshops/ case competitions to help students get hands-on experience in solving real-world business problems (3)Invite professors/professionals that have expertise in corporate recruitment or human resources matter to conduct interview/resume preparation workshop. (4)Cooperate with VP of MBA & Alumni Relations to set up resume critique or mock interview between MBA and Undergrad according to their intended career paths.


Jennifer Hwang

Jennifer Hwang

VP of Professional Development

As the Vice President of Professional Development, I hope to 1) Increase support and resources available to students going through recruiting processes 2) Coordinate additional workshops, case competitions and teach- ins to better prepare students for interviews 3) Host career panels with MBA students to better connect undergraduate and graduate students at the Haas School of Business.
Ken Suh

Ken Suh

VP of Student Affairs

As the Vice President of Student Affairs, my main focus will be creating an inviting, comprehensive, and empowering experience for underclassmen who are pursuing Haas and business as a career. I am passionate about this cause because I remember how lost and overwhelmed I felt as an underclassman about the process of getting into Haas and succeeding in the field of business. It was such a stressful time that not only affected my studies and social life, but also my health. I was only able to persevere with the encouragement of some upperclassman Haas mentors who advocated for me and provided useful advice. I want to make the overall experience of pursuing business at Berkeley a positive and enriching experience for incoming students by focusing on providing mentorship and support, just as I received. I plan to do this by not only continuing, but also further developing the Haas Mentorship Program by turning it into the ultimate resource for underclassmen. In addition to serving future Haas students, I also want to support the current Haas students in the area of professional development by having consistent resume and interview workshops. Finally, I want to help facilitate more recruiting opportunities for Haas students not only in the ABC’s but also in other areas of business, such as entertainment or real estate, by bringing in more corporate representatives and recruiters from many different industries to Haas.

Tran Kim 


VP of Student Affairs

I want to serve my school and help it become the best program in the nation.
Noor Gaith


VP of Technology & Communications

I would like to attain more computers for the Haas undergrads to access and further deploy a personalized campus wide wireless system in Haas and other academic buildings with 100% proliferation. Additionally, I seek to better communications between Haas undergraduates, MBAs, and alumni to assemble a vast network of career opportunities.
Soo Song

Soo Song

VP of Technology & Communications

Hello! As an associate on HBSA’s Technology- Communications committee and the External VP of Blueprint, a student org that creates technologies for nonprofits, I’ve seen firsthand the power of technology in connecting communities and changing how they approach problems. This spring, I worked on creating the first ever Pre- Haas welcome guide and helped coordinate #HaasBizWeek. I am well- versed in WordPress and using code for our HBSA website. If elected, I have three areas of focus: a) transforming the website into an easily accessible resource hub for all students, b) increasing the effectiveness of online communications (i.e. social media) to keep our student body better informed, and c) creating more channels for feedback on Haas Computing Services and undergraduate technological support. I’m excited to work on making our online Haas community even stronger – and for your greater benefit!


Angie Nguyen

Angie Nguyen

VP of Marketing 

My name is Angie Nguyen, and I am thrilled to be a candidate for HBSA’s Vice President of Marketing. During my time in this position, I will enhance HBSA’s online presence by executing creative social media campaigns and increasing content consistency across all social media platforms. With the goal of further fostering the sense of community at Haas, I will utilize social media as a platform to engage online users and showcase current Haas students. Aside from increasing online presence, I plan to increase HBSA’s physical presence by developing more apparel designs and marketing materials. I aim to establish a partnership between HBSA and a local printing business so the association can develop marketing materials that are more captivating and aesthetically appealing to the students at Haas. My time as HBSA’s VP of Marketing during the current Spring 2016 semester has been an incredible experience and I would love the opportunity to further contribute to Haas during the next academic year.
Yasi Afsharnive


VP of Marketing 

I want to improve the way Haas students are perceived by the rest of the Berkeley community. I want to work to market Haas as an inclusive, welcoming environment, encouraging collaboration between many majors. I also want to work to better publicize HBSA events, increasing attendance and improving communications within the Haas community.

Dean Speaker Series: David Aaker on Brand Personality (Recap)


Last Wednesday Haas had the honor of hosting marketing icon, and professor emeritus of marketing and public policy, David Aaker. As a student having taken UGBA 162: Brand Management and Strategy with Professor Judy Hopelain, I read Aaker’s most recent work, “Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles that Drive Success,” and was exceptionally moved by his insight on brand management. I was eager to meet this speaker whose inspirational work truly broke down the basics of brand personality in an approachable manner.

Every seat in the Wells Fargo room was filled as Aaker elaborated on his brand theory explaining brands as having personalities, just like people, with certain features that help consumers associate a strong feeling or emotion to that product and brand. People do not purchase with their rational mind- they don’t buy attributes, they purchase the brand personality, one that helps them express their ideal self-image. For example, Aaker explained the Prius brand exudes a personality of someone who cares about the environment and takes responsible action towards helping remedy problems caused by climate change. Consumers who want to be associated with these ideals will align their purchases with brands that match.

But, as with most things, to establish and maintain a brand personality you need strength and consistency backing it. The product and marketing managers need to be able to identify what is on and off brand and only make decisions that support their brand’s clearly defined vision.

Both in his speech and his book Aaker acknowledges the Haas School of Business four pillars as an exemplary brand vision. Question the status quo, confidence without attitude, students always and beyond yourself, so clearly outline what we stand for as an institution and a community. These pillars serve as the guiding principles for everything we do and are not to be compromised.

For more detail you can view the full version of Aaker’s speech here and for a list of upcoming Dean Speaker’s Series guests please visit the Haas website. Come be inspired at the next Dean Speaker Series event with Danae Ringelmann, Founder and Chief Development Officer of Indiegogo on Thursday, March 3rd. I look forward to seeing you all there!

If there is another leader you would like to hear speak, or an industry you would like represented in the Dean Speaker Series please comment below!