Cal beats ASU and the Stanfurd trees lose

The football game against ASU was sweeeet! The Cal team got off to a great start, and we were able to keep ASU at bay with a final score of 24-14. After cheering for our team in the student section, my throat was a little sore and my voice was a little weak. I was in need of some refreshments.

Me and a friend went to a local Berkeley spot for some food and drinks. We talked and rambled about many things, including what we want to do after we graduate. After a few hours, a friend joined us and we somehow managed to get on the subject of reggaeton music and its metaphorical nature. “Gassolina” anyone?
All in all it was a great day. Not only did we beat ASU but the Stanfurd trees lost to Notre Dame. I can’t wait until the Big Game!

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