Mid-Terms Over…Still Interviewing

Hi everyone. I’m taking a little break from reading advanced accounting (woo hoo) to post my first blog. I’m a Senior at Haas. I transferred from Santa Barbara City College in July of 2007. This is a great forum for me to share with you some of the experiences I am having here so you can get a better idea what life is like at Haas.

At this time, most students are finishing up mid-terms. Most of mine were within a two week period. I had four and finished my last one last week. I’m glad that’s over because things can get somewhat back to normal. This is also the time when most seniors are going through recruiting interviews for full time employment when we graduate in May. It’s really great being here because there are a lot of companies that specially come recruit at UC Berkeley because of Haas. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to interview with them. This past week I have had interviews with some of the top four accounting firms and have some more interviews scheduled next week.

It’s a little hectic trying to juggle my class load and find the time to go to the Cal Career Center for interviews but I’m lucky that I live close to campus and the Career Center so that I can quickly run home to change and then head back to school.

Okay, back to the books. I’m glad it’s Thursday because tomorrow is Friday. Finally…the weekend.

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