2008 Hong Kong Case Competition Part 2

This morning of our second day at 7:30 we were all dressed in our business attire waiting to leave for our case company visit. While you would think that nervousness abounded amongst the teams, it became obvious that the students wouldn’t let that interfere with their social skills! They knew how to connect with each other no matter what school they represented. The bus ride to the undisclosed location was alive with chatter and laughter. Without knowing what lay ahead, everyone just enjoyed the moment.

As we drove in from the airport our driver had said, “There is Disneyland.” I joked and said, “wouldn’t it be funny if our case study was Disneyland.” Well…it wasn’t but it was a close second, Ocean Park amusement park.

As the bus drove up we were all wondering what we could do at the park since we were all dressed in suits and heels. Well we were seated in a covered amphitheater and introduced to the general manager who runs the park. He spent the next 2 hours giving us a very detailed presentation of the parks plans for expansion. The plans were exciting to see. From additional rides, and animal exhibits to a north/south pole exhibit that will have snow year-round for kids to play in. As the gentleman spoke, he talked about how different Ocean Park is from “where the mouse lives” and that in many ways the two parks compliment each other. The level of questions from the teams was high after the realization that the case that we will receive tomorrow is based on the Ocean Park expansion. What will it be about???

We did get a short run through their Halloween Bash Haunted House-not too bad, I feared the worst and didn’t scream once!

After our visit we were taken to Citi headquarters for lunch and to meet their executives. Having just left an amusement park to go to the 50th floor of a downtown high rise was quite a dichotomy. The students had more of an opportunity to mingle, and the food was very good.

It is now 3 or so in the afternoon. Most students and advisors looked forward to getting back, changing out of those suits and relaxing. I knew our team was going to do some homework before the big day tomorrow when the case is distributed!!!

We are extremely fortunate to have this educational and cultural experience for our students. What an amazing opportunity for experiential learning!

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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