Valuation Workshop

Today I went to a Valuation Workshop put on by the Haas School. I’m interested in finance, and after the Goldman Sachs case competition, I got excited about learning what valuation is all about. The workshop’s instructor was from Training the Street, a company that trains a lot of investment bank employees. This guy really knew his stuff and he made the subject, which I’m sure is normally quite dry, rather interesting. Since I’m only a Junior, I haven’t taken Intro to Finance yet, so some of the stuff was way over my head, but for the most part the instructor was able to break things down “Barney-style” for us and that really helped convey the material. It was kinda rough being in the auditorium for 4 hours with only two breaks, but it was definitely worth it. Now that I have a better sense of what finance is about, specifically valuation, I’m psyched about taking Intro to Finance next semester.

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