2008 Hong Kong Case Competition Part 4

Our fourth day in Hong Kong started very quietly. All 18 teams present at the competition were busy preparing their cases until noon. Very few slept during the night, but they all looked excited to present.

The Berkeley team looked like they were rested as they entered the room (they did get some sleep!). They did a fabulous job presenting their case. The team worked very well together, seamless in their efforts. They felt great about their accomplishment. I was very proud of them.

The dinner where the finalists were to be announced started with the important acknowledgement that all of the teams who participated were winners. All of the teams showed amazing effort and creativity. The future of business innovation is in good hands.

So the great news is that we made the finals!!! We are one of four schools that will present at the finals. The other three schools are:

  1. Simon Fraser (Canada)
  2. Maastricht (Netherlands)
  3. National University of Singapore

So the team can’t relax too much, although they did agree that getting a good night sleep for tonight was a wise move instead of celebrating their success. So tomorrow night we will present in a formal setting in downtown Kowloon. The executives from both Ocean Park and Citi will be in attendance. It is very exciting to be in the finals.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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