2008 Texas Case Competition Part 1

On the first day of our case competition, we have settled into picturesque Austin, the capital of Texas. The Executive Center, where we are staying is within walking distance of the campus, so we went on a walking tour of the area. The campus is really beautiful, and in many ways similar to UCB. The population is close to 50,000 students.

After our walk we met for the opening dinner and the release of the case. The case is regarding Dell computers, and how Dell “should adjust strategy to respond to the changing realities that we face today.” So the team is off to their room, ready to tackle the case. Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to meet with the reps from Dell to answer questions about the case while they eat Texas BBQ. Our team will present at 10:20 on Saturday morning.

Our division includes the following teams:

  1. UC Berkeley
  2. USC
  3. Simon Fraser
  4. University of Alberta
  5. University of British Columbia
  6. Norwegian School of Management

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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