Early Bird Internship Fair

Just got back from the Early Bird Internship Fair. Juniors filled the Pauley Ballroom from 12-4 to see if they could find an internship for the Summer. I snapped some pictures of the crowd and a few banners that were up.

Blizzard was there! All you gamers know who they are. Diablo II, Warcraft, WOW, and who could forget Starcraft. Unfortunately, they were only looking for Computer Science types today, oh well, maybe next time.

The Few, The Proud, The Marines were there looking for the future leadership of the Marine Corps. Truly an elite force.

And MillerCoors was there. Talking with the recruiter I found out that the manufacturers of Miller and Coors beers merged in July.

<— Cal students in action. In addition to these companies, Chevron, Oracle, Craigslist, Cornerstone, Deutsche Bank, FTI Consulting, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Research In Motion (yay BlackBerrys), Disney, and many more were there too.

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