2008 Texas Case Competition Part 2

It has been very quiet here in Austin as the 23 teams prepare for the competition tomorrow morning. Yesterday the students had the opportunity to meet with some Dell representatives for a Q&A session. I am sure that they would have wanted to ask more in depth questions, but they were kept to the basics.

The students; Cecelia Lau, Audrey Leung, Clifford Tsang and Milan Agarwal have been closed up in their rooms since Wednesday night, only to be released at their presentation time at 10:20 on Saturday. 58 hours of prep! Our division includes the following teams: USC, Norwegian School of Management, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser, and the University of Alberta.

The finals will be held tomorrow night, so if we make it our team will have quite a busy day. One of the biggest differences about this competition is that after 3 minutes of their presentation they are allowed to be interrupted by a judge with a question. This pattern can go on until the last 3 minutes of the presentation when they are giving their conclusion. That is a very tough format and I know that no one is looking forward to that part.

So,I wish I could say that the team will enjoy Halloween here in Austin. According to the sources here, Halloween is a very big deal. We will see what we can do tomorrow night to celebrate!

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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