Happy Halloween

I had an awesome Halloween! I started off at the Bear’s Lair where me and a few friends Beat the Clock. We sat outside and shared some pizza, pitchers, and pommes frites. Quite a few people were dressed up at Bear’s Lair. Speed Racer was there and so was Captain Crunch. Angelina Jolie was there, and then Lara Croft showed up and we were sure they were going to duke it out, haha. Most of us stayed there until around 7ish and then we started to leave so we could get to our Halloween parties. I put my costume on and and headed to a party hosted by some graduate students (The Wife is a Ph.D. student).

I had fun! There were plenty of snacks and adult refreshments. Everyone wore a costume! That always makes for a better Halloween party because sometimes people show up without a costume, and that’s kinda sucky. Why even bother showing up if you’re not going to dress up? The costumes people wore at the party were very creative. There was a Viking there with a He-Man sword whose costume looked very authentic. There was a lady dressed up as a MacBook playing a pirated movie. haha, I don’t think I can describe that one in detail, but it was hilarious. I saw Pebbles from the Flinstones and there was also a couple who dressed up as Jack & Jill, and the entire night they clung to a bucket with “pail of water” sharpied on to it.

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