Diversity with PwC and Focus Group

After classes today I went to an event titled “Diversity: Why and How”. A Diversity Leader from PwC talked to us about diversity and what it means in the workplace. It was great because she focused on the general subject of diversity and trying to incorporate it into business, rather than just focusing on what PwC is doing with diversity. I was relieved to find out that diversity isn’t forced in the workplace. Instead, diversity is incorporated in the workplace. She focused on uniqueness and she even taught us how to create an effective elevator pitch that focused on “what’s unique about me”. After going over what we should include in a pitch, she had us take a few minutes to come up with our very own elevator pitch. She called on me and a few other people in the room to give our elevator pitches and she critiqued us and worked with us to make them better.

After the event I went to University Village in Albany to take part in a focus group study. A few MBA students that are taking a Marketing Research course are doing research on tequila and what drives someone to pay more for one tequila brand over another. They asked us a lot of questions and also had us taste different tequilas and asked how much we would pay for each. Besides the free tequila shots, I thought it was a great experience and I got some sense of how much work market research takes. The focus groups are supposed to help the MBAs put together a good marketing survey with the right questions and the right language.
Now I’m going to relax for a little bit with The Wife before working on my Metaphor Speech that I’m giving tomorrow for my Communication for Leaders class.

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