2009 New Zealand Case Competition Part 2

Blog Post #2 from Champions Trophy Case Competition in New Zealand

We were welcomed today. The group was assembled at the University for the official Maori welcome to New Zealand. The Maori people are the indigenous people of the land and have been here for thousands of years. The welcome was frightening at first, a warrior came to our group and challenged us in word and motion if we were here in peace or in protest. The dance that he did, and his facial expressions, had us holding our breath wondering if he was going to come after us. Luckily there was a captain of all of the participants who gave an offering that showed that we were here in peace. We moved on to more traditional Maori dances and rituals that were just fantastic.

After that the teams were divided into groups and were given a University ambassador that was to be their scavenger hunt leader. We (yes the advisors were sent on this mission too) were given a list of places to go in Auckland, a list of questions that needed to be answered and pictures that needed to be taken so that there would evidence of the fun. Although this activity was optional, everyone was keyed up for a day of fun, lots of sun (around 80 degrees) and adventure. I can say that the advisors started well and ended well, we explored the city, took some great pictures and of course made wonderful connections. Yes, this was a competition too, so we will find out by the pictures submitted and the number of right answers which student team won…

The evening was spent quite nicely with a bbq at the quad, from what I could see, the Berkeley team had done a fabulous job of networking and making new friends.

Tomorrow, in preparation for the competition, we will have a debriefing on the New Zealand economy, more details of the case and then on to some more New Zealand hospitality.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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