2009 New Zealand Case Competition Part 5

Blog Post #5 from Champions Trophy Case Competition in New Zealand

Many egg jokes were hatched today as the teams were given a small business case dealing with a New Zealand company called FRENZ a free range egg company. Their job was to increase sales from NZ $6 million to NZ $24 million in the next five years.

The team did a good job, they received very high marks for their presentation skills and it was admitted that they were the best of the room. The analysis was not quite what this small business was looking for, they needed a more in depth plan that was more to specific to NZ. We placed third today in our division, the three teams in our room are now tied…so tomorrow is a big day for us. Below are the results for all of the divisions.

Division 1
Winner -University of Washington (total pts. 5)
2nd place-Nanyang University(total pts. 3 )
3rd place-Un. of Hong Kong (total pts. 4)

Division 2
Winner-Copenhagen U. (total pts. 4)
2nd place-Hong Kong UST (total pts. 4)
3rd place-UC Berkeley (total pts. 4)

Division 3
Winner-Singapore Management U. (total pts. 5 )
2nd place-University of Melbourne (total pts. 5)
3rd-place Thammasat (total 2 pts.)

Division 4
Winner-National University of Singapore (total 6 pts.)
2nd place -Auckland University (total 2 pts.)

So tomorrow we will be released a non-profit case. While the team was disappointed with todays results I think that they understood from the judges feedback where the issues were. I know that they will do the best that they can tomorrow. With the teams tied as they are, it is any teams claim tomorrow. If there is a tie then the points will be doubled to determine the winner of the division and thus determine who will go to finals on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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