2009 New Zealand Case Competition Part 6

Blog Post #6 from Champions Trophy Case Competition in New Zealand

So we went from eggs to ambulances today. The non-profit case was to assist the St. John’s charitable organization which is a hybrid workforce of paid and volunteer staff (making up 80% of the 9,500 adult members). They deliver health-related services and products and run a ambulance service that serves more than 85% of the population of New Zealand. The problem was: how can they continue to serve the New Zealanders with and increasing demand in its services, develop a “one team, one dream” approach between their national and regional offices and reduce funding from the crown agencies.

Ok, so you are reading this and realize that I have not yet mentioned how we did…and I am not until I say that the team looked pretty apprehensive going in, and I won’t mention the fact that one of them gave me a thumbs down (which I didn’t believe) and ….it wasn’t true. WE WON the division!!!!! I was so proud of the group. Sure there were some loopholes that were quickly pointed out by the finance guy (aren’t they always the finance guys who do that!) but everyone was pretty impressed with their presentation.

So tomorrow here is what the finals look like:

Division 1-University of Washington
Division 2-UC Berkeley
Division 3-Singapore Management University
Division 4- National Unviersity of Singapore

It is going to be quite a difficult group. We present second out of the 4 teams. The finals start at 3pm NZ time, so keep your fingers crossed.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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