2009 Denmark Case Competition Part 1

It said -81 degrees outside, ok that was at 37,000 feet above Greenland, but that gave me the big hint that it was going to be cold in Copenhagen. It is! It was about 29 degrees getting off the airplane this morning, add in some strong winds and it was freezing to me.

The events for the students for today will have to be blogged by the team since they experienced some great team bonding activities. The advisors are not a part of their activities so I will have them fill you in on the details. What I can talk about is the event that was hosted in honor of the case competition at Carlsberg Brewery. Before I get to that let me give you some details about the country.

First, we are in Denmark, it is the oldest monarchy in Europe and has a population of 5.5 million people, around 1.4 live in Copenhagen. Denmark consists of 406 islands connected by bridges and ferries. While the city has existed for more than 6,000 years, it has a really hip art like quality to the architecture, decor and clothing.

With that as context our dinner tonight was in the presence of the prince and princess of Denmark. Their invitation to our intimate dinner was very exciting, and the rules by which you may or may not speak with royalty were included in a power point presentation to the students. One important fact that all of the students understood was that since the princess is pregnant you do not go and touch her stomach! I think no matter the culture of the 12 schools participating in this event, we all knew that one before it was even bulleted on the screen.

The dinner was held at the Carlsberg Brewery and museum, we were able to see a couple of rooms and their magnificent art pieces-no touching them either! And of course beer was served from the moment you entered the room. After the prince and princess were introduced and we were officially welcomed we adjourned to the larger dining area and were seated with our three student hosts and our American Embassy representative. There were 3 glasses for beer on the table, and each one represented a new beer with each course. The meal was eclectic and good, and the beer just kept on flowing. Our table decided that the desert beer was the best, especially accompanying the chocolate mousse.

After dinner we were moved to another room where coffee, brandy and of course beer were served-just in case you didn’t get enough at dinner. I think the team had actually had had enough by then-too much of a good thing. It was really a wonderful evening of networking, enjoying a view into a culture that is rich with history and art.

Tomorrow the students will have more activities to attend to, Tina, Marc, Erica and Cynthia, are having a wonderful time and I sure that they will have great stories to tell.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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