2009 Denmark Case Competition Part 3

Case Reveal Day. The team was so waiting to have the case revealed and to get started, the longer we waited the more anxious and excited they got. But finally it was unleashed! It is based on a Norwegian company called Schibsted Media Company. We were honored by a very good presentation by the CEO and the CFO of the company in a video conference from Norway. The students had the opportunity to ask some questions, and to get non-case related questions answered, it was all very well done.

In contrast to other case competitions the students do their work in case prep rooms at the school. So they are assigned a student host who is available to them for the 32 hours to help with food, supplies and other needs. They have the opportunity to come back to the hotel and sleep at anytime, buses run back and forth from the school all night long. We were told that the students even have the opportunity to play on a Wii in the auditorium on a the big presentation screen if they need a break.

This competition is organized down to the minute, and our student host Niels is phenomenal. He sticks to the team like glue making sure that they are all doing ok. He reminds us of a cuter Harry Potter in looks, although we have not told him that yet. He studied at Wharton for a term and was hoping that he would get the Berkeley team as his charge. I am very confident that they are being well taken care of.

The advisors are having their own time to do things, and tomorrow we are off to conquer Sweden. With the leadership of one very outgoing faculty advisor, he decided that we needed to do some fun activity in the morning before we had to go to the Beat the Elite activity in the afternoon. Please let me explain this activity. The CBS students have been given the opportunity to study the case. The advisors from each of the teams will be set up in a room so that these CBS students can come to us for advice or direction in how they should be looking at the case. I can assure you that this will be quite an experience for both myself and the students…for you case alumni who I have traveled with, I just want you to imagine this situation that I am going into. Got Help???!!!! No, I am really looking forward to meeting with the students and discussing the case, this will be a fabulous opportunity.

So off to Sweden for a short trip and then into the classroom for some great case work. Our team will turn in their executive summary and their presentation by 6pm on Thursday and then they will have until 10am on Friday to practice their presentation. Keep up the good thoughts.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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