Retreat, midterms are here, and gloomy job stuff

Just got back from a weekend retreat! We rented a really nice house in the hills of Point Reyes. The view was spectacular. Here’s a picture.

Other than that, not much has been going on. Last week I had my first midterm of the semester. I have a few more this week and next week, so I should probably be hitting the books instead of going on retreats, but getting away from it all was well worth it.
I went to another Career Fair last week in hopes of finding that perfect internship. I found some more companies that I might consider giving my resume to. I did take some pictures, but it’s basically the same stuff that went on at last semester’s Early Bird Career Fair. This time around, however, it was a little more, I guess, dreary. It seemed like there were a lot more vacant stations than last semester. No doubt the current economic situation has something to do with it. A friend of mine told me she got her full-time offer pulled (she’s a senior). Her job offer was from an accounting firm. So much for the words “accounting” and “job security” fitting nicely together. Hopefully she’ll find something before she graduates in May.

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