2009 Denmark Case Competition Part 5

Our team did a great job, they were clear, told the story, and had fabulous presentation skills. We tried, but we did not make it to finals. The finalists were USC, University of Auckland, and CBS. After watching the finals, the team agreed that USC was the best-they were right, they won.

The remainder of the day was spent getting ready for the gala that evening. We were all dressed in our finest and were bussed to the palace for our dinner and dance. Wow what a gorgeous venue, the evening took on a fairy tale like feel to it with a large beautifully decorated room and amazing food.

I can’t say that the Danish dancing went as planned, we tried but our group seemed to have forgotten what to do-can’t imagine how that happened. The rest of the night included great dancing, camaraderie, and lots of pictures.

We all won. This entire experience was fabulous, and the team were wonderful ambassadors of Haas.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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