2009 McGill Canada Case Competition Part 3

Well, here we are the finals day. I have watched the team leave to go get their case and the boys and I do a quick “Go Bears” for them in the hallway…now it is up to them. FAST FORWARD….

Saturday morning, my boys and I go to watch the teams presentation. Christina, Jenny and Michael come into the room with great poise and readiness, I already know that poor Michael is sick with a cold, so I am anticipating that he is not feeling his best. Christina gives the opening and she nails it! Jenny follows and is wonderful and Michael, even though sick is perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling. The judges were not easy, and they handled the questions well.

I stayed and wached 9 more teams present including the second presentation for our team. Again, they were on, even better than the last presentation, I was very proud of them. The questions from the judges went more smoothly this time since the team anticipated their weak points of their analysis. The team was balanced in who answered each question, and they supported each other very well.

OK, so you are waiting to hear…well the finals dinner was held in an beautiful venue, and the french food that was served was delicious, oh that wasn’t what you wanted to hear….

Well, the awards started and WE WON THIRD PLACE!!!! I was so happy for the team! I think they were somewhat dazed that they did as well as they did. Judges were very quick to come up and compliment their presentations. First place went to USC and second went to National University of Singapore. Yes, the only representatives from the United States were from California!!! So we all took lots of pictures, smiled and smiled some more and then off they went to play some more. I would have gone, but I had two very happy kids (they had heard the news of our win) to come back to.

So home we come to California with big smiles on our faces and one more award to add to that ever growing awards case in the Undergraduate Office.

To Christina Ting, Jenny Cheng and Michael Chen, you were a fabulous team, it was an honor to be with you at MMICC 2009.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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