Cal Charter Gala and graduation

In April, I attended the Cal Charter Gala in San Francisco at Fort Mason, where top Alumni were given awards and support the Cal community by giving back. In this picture from left to right, is myself, Robert Haas (Walter A. Haas’s grandson), his wife Colleen, and fellow Haas student Adam Melero.

We were invited by the Haas Alumni office to represent the current UG students. We had an amazing time meeting grads all the way back from the fifties! What an experience!

I sat at the Levi Strauss table where I was sitting among very influential employees. Dinner was okay … I really did not care for it because the beef tasted gamy.

The presentation was a little long but enjoyable. We sang Cal songs…I don’t know any of the words. Awkward, being a current student. The best part was the honoree of the night, Mr. Haas. He spoke about Levi, his strong connection to Cal and one other particular interesting story. As he told it, the day he graduated from Cal was the same day Stanford was holding their graduation. At that time, students only wore black gowns and black tassels. He told his parents that he would be back in a few hours. As it turned out, he stood in line at Stanford’s graduation, had his named called out, and received a scroll. Everyone cheered and laughed about the story of crashing Stanford’s graduation.

It was a great night with dancing at the end and mingling. I encourage all students to take advantage of these great opportunities to be a part of the Alumni network and attending fancy night galas.

I am off to graduate tomorrow. I don’t think my parents will let me run over to Stanford, but I’ll think about it…

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