2009 Thailand Case Competition Part 4

Hi everyone! Here is an update from our last days in Bangkok.

We did not advance to the finals. We lost to Maastricht that won in our division and also won the entire competition. This was a case that nobody expected and nobody was able to prepare for. It was about an extremely small company that specializes in kitchen furniture, paint, and interior design called Horizon Nine. The case included questions regarding marketing, finance, operations, and ethical problems and it was very specific to Thailand. Our team did a great job, but other teams had better recommendations. Here is a picture of our team.

Our team was assigned a freshman “buddy” from Thammasat. She helped the team during the 40 grueling hours of preparation. Here is a picture with Ting Ting.

Here are the finalists from four divisions. Division A was won by
National University of Singapore.

Division B winner was yet another SINGAPORE team,
Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Division C winner in our group was
Maastricht University, Netherlands. All four students on this team of three women and one man were Germans studying in Holland, and I met them a few days earlier. They were very impressive but also very likable and down-to-earth fun group that our team enjoyed talking to during social activities.

Division D winner was
University of Melbourne, Australia.

All four finalists were extremely strong, but in the end the Maastricht team won the hearts of the judges who were all Thai business people. There were no academics among judges.

After talking with the advisor from Maastricht over the last couple of days, I realized how much respect and admiration everyone has for Berkeley. Apparently, last year in Hong Kong , we were in the finals with Maastrich, and our winning presentation left a lasting impression on them. It is considered a “gold model” by the Maastricht advisor and coach. Their teams often watch our Hong Kong winning presentation as part of their training. It was extremely flattering to hear that the friendly rivalry with Berkeley and the memories from Hong Kong 2008 motivated them to prepare so much more and work so much harder.

Overall we all had a great time and this was an amazing experience for all of us!

Lastly, once again here is a look at the winning team and their extremely impressive slides. Congratulations to the TUBC 2009 winner Maastricht University!

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