Top Dog in the Courtyard

I spent most of Halloween weekend studying for my accounting midterm, which I managed to squeak by on Monday. Note to self: do NOT wait until the last minute to start cramming 3 weeks worth of information. Also, do not forget your calculator next time.

After finally getting through the exam, I was glad to see the Top Dog stand in the BoA courtyard. Even though I had gotten out a little before noon, there was a already a HUGE line stretching across the courtyard, filled with hungry students waiting for a free Top Dog. Fortunately, the Top Dog guys were quick and efficient and I only had to wait for 5 minutes or so. Sitting down with my Top Dog and bag of chips, I felt like this was my reward for making it through my midterm. Students were mingling in the courtyard, talking with each other as well as various members of the Haas faculty and staff who showed up as well. Unfortunately, I had to hurry to my Organizational Behavior lecture, so I wasn’t able to stay very long. But judging from the number of people happily socializing in the sunny courtyard, I’d say that the other students were enjoying this reprieve from classes as much as I had.

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