Rally for the Haas Canned Food Drive!

Last week Haas received over 150 cans in support of the canned food drive for Alameda County.
Great thanks goes out to all those who donated money for the purchasing of these cans: Barry Kahn, Margie Massey, Melanie Brossus, Ed Calvelli, and Bob & Susie Baeyens.
As you can see from the picture below, we’re now at 80% capacity. Which means we’re 20% lame-o. I guess it’d be a lot easier to measure if cans were pouring over the top. As for now, you’ll have to take our word for it.

The canned food drive ends this Friday, December 4th, and it would be great to see that last 20% filled out before the cans are collected. That’s less than 100 more cans!

You don’t want those cute children on the barrels to go hungry, do you? Of course not. And it’s nice to give with an open heart without expecting anything in return. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how much unexpectedly comes your way. Many times the personal joy one gets from giving generously outweighs the joy of the person receiving.
If you’re interested in donating, look for deals at Safeway and Costco, where you can find a variety of cans for under $1. Or for a more convenient alternative, use your Cal One swipes at the Bear Market, where you can find a variety of cans for under $12.

Come on guys, if we can lead the country in business innovation and education, I think we can manage to donate a few more cans 🙂

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