Crunch Time

It’s that time of year again, when I stay up until 4 am cramming for finals and finishing up projects. Fortunately, the entrepreneurship class I’m taking only had a final group presentation, which we managed to finish by Tuesday morning. The remaining groups presented today, and one of the groups even brought Peet’s Coffee for everyone!

There were some really great venture ideas, such as Bear Cleaners, which is just getting started. They offer affordable rates on cleaning for students, whether they live in a dorm or an apartment. Reservations can be made at

The last accounting midterm was on Wednesday…not sure how I did but at least that’s over. The only 2 finals left for me are Microeconomics and Organizational Behavior. I needed a scantron and blue book for those, and conveniently, the Haas Undergraduate Office had them both for free! That, and giant candy bars. Not sure if they’re still handing them out, but you should go and check it out! Even if you don’t need anything, getting free candy is always nice. :]

Good luck on finals to everyone!

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