2010 USC Case Competition Part 1

Day #1.
The Haas team of Scott Holcom, Jasmine Guo, Linda Li, and Michael Su were welcomed enthusiastically last night by our USC hosts. With so many activities planned for the week, we knew it was only the beginning to a great experience for all.

Day #2.
Our day was full of fun, sun and lots of walking by the beach! Our team was divided into different groups for a scavenger hunt along Venice Beach, and Santa Monica. The goal for each of the teams (and the advisor team) was to take pictures of specific locations or objects and to turn in the camera by a predetermined time. While this may sound easy the places we needed to find, the tasks needed to be performed and the short videos that we had to make (i.e. a re-enactment of “Baywatch”!) were quite a bit to do in 3.5 hours. By the end of the day we were all very happy to have accomplished the great scavenger hunt expected of us.

After a bit of a break we were bussed to Universal Studios for dinner at the Saddleback Restaurant. While this is not a remarkable eatery, it is the home of the mechanical bull contest! Each team was asked to have one member ride the bull, the team that lasted the longest will be the first to pick their division for case presentation (and you were wondering why we would do this to our team members…) Michael volunteerd for this, and he did a great job of staying on as long as possible. We will see tomorrow how our ride stacked up against the other schools. More tomorrow.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador.

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