2010 McGill Case Competition Part 1

We are in beautiful Montreal the second largest city of francophones outside of Paris. The city boats a lively Jazz scene, avid hockey fans and of course the home of the McGill case competition. This is a very special competition this year, McGill is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary and has only invited the schools that have won or placed in the last 10 years. Those schools include: USC, Wharton, U of Washington, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, National University of Singapore, Copenhagen Business School, Simon Fraser University, UC Berkeley, Thammasat and McGill.

Our trip so far has been good, we have had snow, sleat, rain and sunshine. Today was the student scavenger hunt, which included a coded message to find the clues around the city. As some of us advisors realized if you didn’t know much about hockey, or the number of provinces and territories in Canada you might not get very far. I hope that the teams faired better with help from their Mcgill ambassadors. Tonight we will have our opening ceremony, the team order selection and a tour of the National History Museum of Montreal.

Tomorrow we will be visiting the BioDome. There had been plans to go snow tubbing but due to the lack of snow in the Montreal area they had to change venues.

Our team, Wynne Chu, Jenny Zhou, Nikita Maheshwari, and Gannon Shih have been having a great time so far with all of the networking, activities and of course the karaoke singing that is all part of the fun at case competition.

On Friday the case will be released and the fun will start for real! They will have 24 hours to strategize. The team will give 2 presentations, one on Saturday morning and one on Saturday evening. The judges will deliberate and announce the winners at the dinner on Saturday night.

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