2010 McGill Case Competition Part 2

In years past today would have been spent snow tubing and sugar shacking (which is basically an excuse to pour really good maple syrup on everything.) But due to the lack of snow we went instead to the Olympic Center and the BioDome. The Summer Olympics were held here in 1976. One of the host business students mentioned that the City of Montreal just finished paying off the debt for Montreal Olympics in 2004.

We went up the Olympic tower which was built at an angle over the Olympic Stadium. There was an elevator that we took to the top and had a spectacular view of Montreal, it’s port, the city and the surrounding area. Montreal is a very flat city on the St. Laurence River with a small amount of shipping still taking place. During the winter there is very little access by water due to the snow and ice. Most of the industry in Montreal is banking, IT and the pharmaceutical industry. After walking the streets with the team we were amazed at the number of boutique stores and shops that seem to be doing well, very European.

The BioDome had four different ecosystems and a sampling of the animals that lived there. The difference in temperature from the outside to the inside of the rain forest was quite shocking, there were many students who were very happy to have that temperature instead of the cold of Montreal.

We finished the day with a great team dinner. The food here is amazing and the number of restaurants in short walking distance makes the decision where to go even more difficult.

Tonight is the night before receiving the case. Our presentation times are 11:50 and 4:50, we are the last team to present on Saturday.

Good luck to Jenny, Nikita, Gannon and Wynne. GO BEARS.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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