2010 McGill Case Competition Part 3

Well the advisors got a sneak peak of the case before presentations and we are really excited, the case was about the Cirque du Soleil. The main question, “Can Le Cirque find a new model of complementary relationships that will be as profitable as its relationship with MGM Mirage?”

I was able to sit in on 5 of the morning presentations. The strategies and suggestions ranged from cruise line involvement to new technologies that would give the audience to experience more sensual involvement with the production, to a Michael Jackson show. As the morning progressed it was obvious that judging this competition was going to be difficult.

The Berkeley team was awesome, they used the room, they told a story, and their ideas were innovative. I was so pleased with their first presentation. The judging was a bit tough, but their answers were on point and seemed to take care of the concerns. Their three pronged strategy included expanding into new regions, opening up a nightclub in Las Vegas, and adding a reality tv show that featured the training and experience of the acrobats.

The afternoon arrived, I watched the other 4 schools and watched our team again. There was another set of judges to respond to so the pressure was on. Since I couldn’t talk to the team I couldn’t ask how they were feeling or if they had been able to sleep at all during case prep. They looked great as they entered the room for their second presentation. They were even better the second time, they had taken the questions from their first presentation and were able to incorporate some of the missing information into their recommendations for their second presentation. I was so pleased at their delivery!

So now the waiting game. We had the dinner, awards for the scavenger hunt and then finally the awards for the case. Unfortunately we did not place, Wharton was 3rd, HKUST was 2nd and Thammasat was 1st. It had taken the 12 judges 2 hours to make the decision, and we were all told that at least one judge had each team in the top 3-so it was not an easy decision. I can say that we were disappointed at the announcement but as always the team took the news graciously and quickly got up to congratulate the winners. I was so proud of their performance, they were winners in my eyes, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them. GO BEARS.

So we enjoyed the rest of the evening. I thank Jenny, Nikita, Wynn and Gannon for a fabulous week.

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Janet Amador

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