Haas New Student Orientation: Welcome Class of 2012!

Before I entertain you all about the Haas New Student Orientation that took place on August 23, 2010, allow me to introduce myself: My name is Catherine Limcaco and I am upcoming Junior Transfer Student. My interests include Marketing and Finance and my ultimate career goal is to work for the National Basketball Association. I am transferring from Skyline College in San Bruno, CA and I look forward to keeping you all up-to-date with all the exciting things going on at Haas. 
On August 23, 2010, incoming Haas students were able to connect to their new collegiate stomping grounds by listening to speakers from the Haas Undergraduate Admissions Staff and by attending multiple workshops based on the their personal preferences. 
The day began with a formal introduction of the Haas School of Business led by Ms. Erika Walker, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions.  Ms.Walker spoke to students about what Haas expects of students and how the Haas Undergraduate Admissions Office is available to help each student meet these great expectations. Following Ms.Walker, Dean Rich Lyons spoke to students about his experience as a Haas alum, the impeccable relationships Haas has with recruiters, and student life.
Once Erika dismissed students from general session, each student went on his or her way to attend the fantastic workshops led by Haas Staff, Career Center Representatives, and Haas Alumni.
Ultimately students had to choose 5 workshops out of 7 to attend. Although I found it a bit difficult to narrow down my choices, I was very much satisfied by all the workshops I attended.
Workshop #1: Planning on Graduating? (Presenter: Barbara Felkins)
Ms. Felkins navigated students through the Haas official website to make sure that each student was aware of degree requirements, dates and deadlines, and the academic resources Haas has to offer.
Workshop #2 Starting Your Business Career (Presenter: Ed Free)
Mr. Free is one of the two Career Center Reps that gave students advice on how to build relationships with your current employer, how to find a field right for you, and how to present and prepare yourself when it comes time to find a career.
Before workshop #3, Haas students were able to enjoy lunch that was provided to them and learn about several Haas organizations. There was nothing better than meeting your fellow students, eating great food, and enjoying a day under the sunshine.
Workshop #3: Winning Resumes (Presenter: Ed Free)
I have to say I was a big fan of Mr. Free that I just had to attend another one of his workshops. In this workshop Mr.Free focused on resume writing. Mr.Free emphasized that resumes should be stories relevant to employers and helped students write these “stories’ with different tactics and advice.
Workshop #4 Why Companies Want You (Presenter: Paul Savage)
Paul Savage from The Career Center talked to students about how the recruitment process takes place and other opportunities at UC Berkeley to meet potential employers. Or if a student has yet to find a position or employer they would like to work for in the future, Mr. Savage talked about informational interviews and information sessions that are great ways for students to learn about different fields and industries.
Workshop #5: Building Your Haas Student Alumni Network (Presenter: Meg Roundy & Haas Alumni)
Under the guidance of Associate Director Meg Roundy, a panel of Haas Alumni from companies such as Apple spoke to students about their experiences as Haas students and what they learned along the way that helped them find careers after graduation.  The Haas Alumni Network is one of the largest of any university and Haas is the only school that allows undergraduate into the Haas Student Alumni Network so I encourage my fellow Haas-ians to get activated immediately.
Once workshop #5 ended, students met with their respective cohorts to receive unique gifts and some delicious ice cream. The gifts provided to students will undoubtedly be the envy of many of our fellow UC Berkeley students. When I got back to my dorm, I was full of glee as I showed my roommate my official Haas backpack, Haas tote full of goodies, Haas New Student Directory (one of my favorites), and an official cohort t-shirt (GO CALIFORNIA!).
As the festivities came to a close, I remembered the question asked by Dean Rich Lyons during his speech during the morning general session: Are leaders born or are they made? As I stepped down the steps of Haas, I took a look back at Fisher Gate and though I did not have a definite answer to Dean Rich Lyons question, I felt surge inside of me to become a leader in more ways than one.
Haas Class of 2012
Go Bears! 

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