HAAS takes Sproul and California Cohorts Out to the Ball Game

As classes begin and the tension rise incoming students lucky enough to be a part of the Sproul and California cohorts were able to have a escape for a night of have fun courtesy of the Haas School of Business. For the past week or so students have been vying to win tickets to see the San Francisco Giants take on the Colorado Rockies by “like-ing” one out of the four comments on Facebook that recognized their respective cohort. The cohort that received the most “like-s” would go on to win tickets for the baseball game.

The top two tech-savvy cohorts were Sproul and California (which I am a member of) and attended the game on August 30,2010 at the beautiful AT&T Park, the future site of Cal Football.

Students were able to meet one another prior by rounding up at Downtown Berkeley Bart then descending together for San Francisco.

Although the San Francisco Giants did not win, the true winners are Sproul and California for they were able to bond, eat the delicious garlic fries, and (of course) be students of Haas of School of Business!

Congratulations Sproul and California!

Haas Class of 2012
Go Bears!

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