Dean’s Speaker Series, Haas Events Galore

As undergraduates, we have access to extremely exciting and interesting opportunities on the Haas campus. I have recently been impressed by the access we have to events that I had always imagined were limited to Haas MBAs. A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of listening to Mike Lewis, author of The Big Short and Liar’s Poker, speak about the current financial situation, his career, and personal thoughts for business students today. I admit that I have only read sections of his books in the long hours I’ve spent in airport bookshops, but I was thrilled to receive an email announcing his visit. I had heard that Lewis lived locally and has children enrolled in nearby schools, but it is not often that he gives “talks” or visits universities. Listening to his conversation with the co-faculty director of the Center of Responsible Business Kellie McElhaney, was a real treat. Most importantly, it gave me an introduction to the many events and opportunities that are available to Haas students.
Mike Lewis’s visit was part of the Dean’s Speaker Series, which brings distinguished individuals who are leaders in business and other organizations to Haas. Future guests include John Chambers, Chairman & CEO of Cisco, and Donald Knauss, Chairman and CEO of Clorox.
I also had the pleasure of watching a free screening of Inside Job, by Oscar-nominated director Charles Ferguson earlier this week. The film provided a very clear and revealing investigation of the 2008 financial crisis, and I found it to be extremely engaging and well done. This event was co-sponsored by the Center of Responsible Business and is one of many events on their full calendar. The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation also has a calendar full of events worth exploring. So… mark down some dates and take advantage of what Haas offers, because it may be one of these events that catapults you into a new area of interest or stimulates a conversation or thought you had never before considered.

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