E-Business Case Competition Sign-ups and Training Videos

Sign-ups This Week

The Haas Undergraduate Office will begin sign-ups for the 12th Annual E-Business Case Competition sponsored by Cisco systems, Deloitte Consulting, and the Schlinger Family Foundation today (Monday, February 28 at noon). Sign-ups will end on Friday, March 4th at noon. If you are interested in this competition, please visit our website for important logistical information.

Update (since first published)
If you are signing up your team in the Undergraduate Office, please prepare and bring the following information for ALL team members on your team:

  • First and Last Name
  • Berkeley.edu e-mail address (CalMail)
  • Major
  • Date of Graduation

On-line Training Videos

Some of our case competition videos are available for your viewing through a special website. Videos from the Fall 2010 Investment Banking Goldman Sachs competition, the Spring 2010 E-Business competition and a few of our external case competitions (traveling teams) are now available for your viewing.  These videos are a great tool for you to use as you consider involving yourself in case competition, or just to see the fabulous work that our students have produced. To get to this website, we ask that you drop by the Undergraduate Program Office (S450) to pick up an instruction card with the website and login information.

On a personal note, in my opinion it is OK to sign-up as a team, get a copy of the case, and decide as a team how to proceed. If the case is extremely difficult, we do have teams who drop out and that is understandable. But most cases that I have seen are extremely interesting. They include recent Cisco partnerships, the Internet, or  exciting new technologies. Good luck to all of you who decide to participate!

Photo: Our on-line video library includes the last year’s winning presentation by Prateek Madapurmath, Kunal Modi, Sahil Takiar, and Prashanth Vijay.

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