Winner of Class of 2012 Cohort Competition

Dear Class of 2012 Undergraduates,

The cohort competition has come to an end this year. Many of you have had the chance to participate in various activities and challenges and earn points for your cohorts. I truly hope you have enjoyed mingling with your fellow classmates, and I want to thank you all for your participation in Cohorts Picnic, Food Drive, Do You Know Haas Competition, and other social events held by HBSA this year.

As promised, the cohort with the most amount of points will be awarded with the following prize: Individual Photo Shoot with Professional Photographer Jim Block.

Please join me in congratulating students from SPROUL cohort! After numerous challenges, they lead the pack with 873.5 points, and are way ahead of everyone else! They have done a great job attending events and actively participating in them.

Sproulians, your reward awaits you – same extremely high quality pictures as Haas publications and brochures. You’ll get to own these photos FOREVER as .jpg digital files and use them anywhere you like

(LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Please check your e-mail now for further details. This photo shoot is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12.

Again, congratulations SPROUL! Everyone else, keep it up and stay connected – there are more competitions to come next year and you can show incoming juniors how it’s done!

Posted by Dinko Lakic for Yuliya Sas.

Photographer Jim Block will be taking individual photos of the Sproul Cohort on Tuesday April 12.

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