Student Organizations: Berkeley Women in Business

This is a fourth article in our series that profiles undergraduate student organizations. If you are new to this blog, the list of sponsored Haas undergraduate clubs is here and their event calendar is here.

On March 15, 2011, Berkeley Women in Business co-hosted the Annual Spring Networking Mixer with the Freshman Sophomore Business Club and the Latino Business Student Association. The event provided an opportunity for students to network for last-minute internship opportunities in a relaxed and social setting. We had a night of food and fun! The event aimed at allowing students to explore different industries within Corporate America by bringing together a diverse array of sponsoring firms.

The event comprised of a social activity, where professionals and students competed as a team at a table against other teams in a test of creativity, resourcefulness, and critical thinking. The Penny Game really tested the skills of the participants. Groups of students worked in teams with each of the professionals to use their business skills to build the sturdiest tower using the least number of materials. Each team was given 100 pennies to allocate on spending for construction materials for their towers or saving to put on top of the tower. The tower that could support the most pennies by the end of the weigh-in won the game. It was a great way for students to get to know the professionals they were working with in a more interesting and intimate situation than a normal networking event. Congrats again to the winning team!

This year, the event did not only cater to students seeking a career in business related fields, but also in law and government. We had several organizations who promoted fellowships and internships, which will allow students to gain experience in the government, law, and non-profit sectors. Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte Consulting, City Hall Fellows, Abercrombie & Fitch, Google, and Hitachi Consulting all had representatives at the event. Afterward we had time for dinner and socializing. It was a great event!

Posted for Michelle Schurter of Berkeley Women in Business.

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