Student Organizations: Asian Business Association (ABA)

This is a fifth article in our series that profiles undergraduate student organizations. If you are new to this blog, the list of sponsored Haas undergraduate clubs is here and their event calendar is here. I am posting the article below for Glen Chen, President of Asian Business Association.

Strengthening Relationships
ABA is a tight-knit community of people who enjoy learning and having fun. We strive to always strengthen relationships within the club and to foster ABA Love. On March 12, 2011 the Special Activities Chairs, Jamie Lee and Karl Yang, organized Buddy Runway, a creative buddy event inspired by the hit television show Project Runway. Buddy groups formed teams and were challenged to make costumes from different recyclable materials. There were a total of three rounds, and the three teams competing followed themes and guidelines for their costumes. Some notable costume items included garage sale signs, various foam paper, and lots of aluminum foil. Team representatives also modeled their costumes for a panel of judges composed of ABA alumni. Buddy Runway was a great opportunity for ABA members to meet new people through our buddy system.

Contributing to Our Community
ABA recognizes the importance of giving back, even beyond the scope of our own community. The Social Chairs hosted the Eighth Annual Mister Business Pageant on April 1, 2011. This years theme was “In It To Win It,” and eight contestants from various business organizations on campus competed for the coveted title of Mister Business. Participating groups included Alpha Epsilon Zeta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Berkeley Consulting, Delta Sigma Pi, International Association of Student Communicators, Latino Business Student Association, and Phi Beta Lambda. Haas Professors Dave Robinson and Alan Ross and Executive Director Erika Walker composed the panel of judges for the evening. 

Over 300 attendees packed the sold-out Andersen Auditorium, supporting the contestants of their respective business organizations. The thunderous cheers and laughs underscored the excitement and fun of the pageant. Through segments such as the formal segment and the talent segment, contestants demonstrated not only their personality and charisma, but also their talent and business knowledge. In the end, the event brought together the business community at Berkeley, and also helped raise money for the Red Cross’s Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund.

Mister Business – The Hosts and Social Chairs

Mister Business – The Contestants

Mister Business – The Judges
Buddy Runway
Buddy Runway

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