Student Organizations: Student Human Resources Association

This is a sixth article in our series that profiles undergraduate student organizations. You can click on the “label” below any article to view other articles in the same category. If you are new to this blog, the list of sponsored Haas undergraduate clubs is here and their event calendar is here. I am posting the article below for Jeanie Fang, President of the Student Human Resources Association.

On Friday, April 22, 2011, the Student Human Resources Association hosted their biannual Networking Luncheon in the Wells Fargo Room. The luncheon was designed to give students the opportunity to network with professionals one on one. Once professionals and students got their lunch (three different Italian pastas, salad, drinks, and cookies), they sat down at a table and began networking. There were 10 tables of six to eight people and every 20 minutes students would rotate over to the next table. This way they were able to have a solid 20-minute conversation before moving on to meet more professionals. Halfway through the luncheon, Professor David Levine gave a presentation on “How to talk to a CEO, lessons from the poorest woman in the world.” SHRA then raffled out some prizes.

The luncheon had a wonderful turnout with 30 professionals in attendance. There were representatives from a variety of different companies including Google, O.C. Tanner, Intel, Stanford Hospital, Deloitte, and many more. In addition, there were also representatives from different universities to speak with students who were interested in pursuing an MBA in HR or a certificate in HR (PHR, SPHR, GPHR).

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