New Student Directory and On-line Portal (Part 1)

We wanted to let you know that the Haas Undergraduate Office in partnership with Haas ECSM (Enterprise Computing & Service Management) will be replacing our traditional paper version of the New Student Directory with powerful on-line portal called CampusGroups. We will start using the new on-line directory and portal during this upcoming Fall 2011 semester. Here is an exclusive preview link

All “Class of 2012” seniors  and “Class of 2013” juniors will will automatically get access after we launch the service this Fall. If new technology  sounds interesting to you, please consider being a part of our Testing and Training Team.You would get to work closely with me as we test the portal before official launch.

I will mark all future updates regarding your new portal with the “technology” tag on this blog. If you like this blog and you like to write, please consider becoming our blogger. Here is more information on that opportunity. Go Bears! -Dinko

Similar screen will appear when browsing directory function. Click here for more screen shots.

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