Seniors Welcome Back Picnic: A Day of Sunshine and Aspiration

This Saturday the Haas Business School Association sponsored an event to welcome Haas seniors back to Berkeley. The event took place at Willard Park and provided a casual atmosphere for seniors to catch up and talk about what they did for summer. As the day settled, I asked seniors what their goals are for their last year at Haas-Berkeley and received some interesting responses.

Here are some of the Class of 2012 Seniors and their top 3 goals they aspire to achieve before graduation:

Kristen Lee
Top 3 Goals:
1. Enjoy my last year
2. Get a job this fall
3. Go to office hours of my professors



Aditi Mishra
Top 3 Goals:
1. Get involved in case competitions
2. Explore the social sector and develop strategic management thinking skills
3. Embrace my peers



Tala Beigi
Top 3 Goals:
1. Improve HBSA’s professional development initiatives
2. Run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon
3. Graduate with a job and a good GPA



Henry Tsung
Top 3 Goals:
1. Spend the year with Catherine Limcaco
2. Find a job that I am passionate about
3. Do more in my community



Rick Berwick
Top 3 Goals:
1. Secure a full-time job that I love
2. Know every single person in our Haas class by name
3. Befriend a squirrel by the end of the year



Ameeti Mishra
Top 3 Goals:
1. Finalize what career I want to pursue
2. Try as many eateries in the Gourmet Ghetto
3. Go to as many Haas events as possible



Yuri Maruyama
Top 3 Goals:
1. Go to Yosemite National Park
2. Find a job
3. Make many friends



Brian Reyes
Top 3 Goals:
1. Network with motivated people
2. Learn ableton
3. Land an internship



Eamon Mulligan
Top 3 Goals:
1. Be more interactive in class
2. Be more social with my classmates
3. Be awesome



Now that you know some of the quirky and inspiring goals of the seniors, what are your goals you hope to achieve before graduation? Leave them in the comments.

Don’t forget to keep up with the Haas Undergraduate Blog! We have a new team and we look forward to keep you all in the loop on all things at Haas.

Catherine Limcaco

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