Experiential Learning Workshop Series: Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Interview Preparation

On September 18, 2011, the Haas School of Business held the second workshop of the fall semester, “Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Interview Preparation,” hosted by Trevor Nelson of Training the Street. As the world’s leading provider of instructor-led courses in financial modeling and valuation training to Wall Street investment banks, private equity firms, and business schools, we were honored to have Training the Street host a workshop at our school.

As a person who doesn’t have much experience in analyzing financial statements, I signed up for this workshop hoping to expand such skills, which will be necessary for my desired career path of consulting. While the workshop was geared a bit more toward the investment banking side, I felt as if every individual was able to gain valuable information from attending this workshop, no matter which career path they were looking to pursue.

There were two parts to the workshop: the financial statement analysis portion followed by preparation for the financial interview. The main goals of the financial statement analysis section were to introduce financial terminology, financial statement analysis approach, and assist students seeking employment in related fields. This was a perfect refresher for seniors right before recruiting started, and a great introduction for incoming juniors. Trevor did an outstanding job in keeping students interested, engaged and informed.

The second half of the day was my favorite portion of the workshop: the financial interview preparation. Again, while this was geared more toward financial and investment banking interviews, all concepts, ideas, and models presented could be applied in virtually almost every type of interview. The ultimate purpose of this part of the workshop was to help students prepare for financial interviews, adjust and improve the interview preparation process, and to help empower students to get offers. We discussed everything from key “fit” interview questions to the difficult, and often dreaded, technical questions. We examined potential difficult interview situations and learned how to handle them with confidence and certainty. Overall, I would recommend this workshop to any student looking to become involved in the business world.

Now, some perspectives of the workshop from other participants:



“I think Haas by far is doing a wonderful job in regards to providing relevant, valuable resources for its undergrads to prepare for the real world. The Training the Street workshop gave us an idea of what we will encounter, which in turn will help us prepare and be ready to face real world problems with solutions.”

–      Christine To, Business Administration, 2013






“Training the Street brought a solid facilitator and presentation. The material could benefit anyone in the current or future OCR cycles. Thinking analytically about the interview process with an experienced professional was beneficial.”

–      Tommy York, Business Administration, 2013







“Training the Street provides a well structures training session that lays a solid foundation and helps refine knowledge in accounting and finance. Instructors are well prepared and pay close attention ensuring students comprehend the material at hand. TTS has been the most helpful tool for preparing for an interview.

–      Jeff Rizzo, Business Administration, 2012



If anyone has questions or comments regarding this workshop, future workshops, or any of the material covered, send me an email at ashleymello@berkeley.edu. I will provide you with answers and valuable resources! Have a great weekend!

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