Ten Reasons You Should Study Abroad

Where would you like to study abroad? Would you fly off towards the sky scrapers of Hong Kong, the Argentine Tango dancers in Buenos Aires, or the ancient ruins of Rome? Great, now what are you waiting for?

I didn’t study abroad, but I interned. I spent spring semester of my junior year at the US embassy in Madrid. I learned about US international commerce policies, facilitated extradition cases, learned how to write a political memo, and now understand every type of visa. Not the internship you’d typically expect for a business student–but the professional atmosphere and overseas experience made loading up on units my other 3 semesters at Haas completely worth it.
The value of “the abroad experience” is tenfold, so here are MY ten reasons (in no particular order) every Haas student should try to study (or work!) overseas.
1. The Food. Going abroad is delicious, simple as that.
2. “Cultural understanding”Not a fan of the phrase, but basically, your mind broadens. Consumer preferences in Sao Paulo differ from those in New Delhi, contracts in Shenzhen may not hold the same significance as they do in the US, and in my opinion, Spain should take the course “Entrepreneurship & Innovation”.
3. To TravelLiving abroad gives you a great base to explore nearby cities or even countries. Europe is well connected by low cost airlines, South Asia is covered by train tracks and its nearly impossible to run out of beaches in Australia.
4. Learn a Language.Immersion is the key to solidifying a new language, opt to live with a host family! Keep in mind that employers value Mandarin, Arabic, and Portuguese speakers more than ever before.
5. Personal Finance in Practice.Don’t be the one calling Mom and Dad half way through the semester. Create a budget, stick to it (at least try to) and use your student ID for everything possible. Also, take the exchange rate into consideration when you pick your destination!
6. The Global Management ConcentrationCheck out the specific class and unit requirements, but studying abroad is one of them! Haas International Study Website
7. Employers Like ItGoing abroad shows a willingness to take risks and interact with people from other cultures. A potential employer now knows they can send you to one of their international offices too!
8. The Learning Never EndsThere is so much opportunity to learn outside the classroom – Museums, National Parks, preserved monuments… Learning about Renaissance artists in the plazas of Florence or the influence of the Ming Dynasty while wandering the Forbidden City just doesn’t compare to reading about it from an over-priced textbook.
9. The People You MeetLet yourself be inspired by your new friendships, the tour guides that live to share their passion for Parisian art with you, the backpacker at your hostel thats been on the road for 10 months, and the restaurant owner that patiently lets you practice your language skills….Next thing you know, your network will have gone global!
10. To take Pictures   
My eleventh (and arguably most important reason–tied with food) would be “The Fun Factor.” We’are all ambitious and hard working individuals, but I believe its also necessary to know how to embrace the “work to live, rather than live to work” mentality.
If you are considering going abroad, make sure to attend the Haas Study Abroad Info Sessions on September  30th and October 21st at 3pm in Room S489. I hope you’re convinced!
*All photos were taken by Alicia Salmeron.

Alicia Salmeron, Class of 2012



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