Mid-Semester Roundup: Cohort Point Totals

Halfway through the semester and it’s time to take a look at the cohort standings.  For those interested in learning more about the cohort program keep an eye on the Haas Undergraduate Blog. The blog’s very own Kristen Kerler is working diligently to have an informative piece on the cohort program up soon.

That said, let’s take a look at this semester’s completed HBSA cohort challenges so far:

HBSA And Cohort Attendees

The Memorial Glade Cohort Challenge

Held on September 17th, this fun filled day of physical activity proved to be a fantastic opportunity for Haas juniors to network with seniors. The 2012 senior cohorts competed against the 2013 junior cohorts in a winner take all competition for cohort points. The advanced years of the senior class were apparent as the younger and spryer junior class managed to best them in every competition. When the dust settled and the points were distributed both sides joined together to enjoy food and a near endless supply of icebreaker games.

The Dean’s Undergraduate Reception

Dean Rich Lyons

This year the Dean’s Undergraduate Reception (held on October 13th) had the greatest student turn out in the school’s historyallowing the cohorts to scrounge up plenty of points from this event. In the end the 2013 Blue cohort supplied the most attendees and took home an extra 50 points for their troubles. The Haas Undergraduate Blog covered this event in depth and you can read more about it by clicking here.


Ubisoft Rocksmith Launch Party

The October 21st Ubisoft Rocksmith Launch Party was an evening of excitement as Ubisoft filled the Wells Fargo room with consoles, monitors, and copies of their new game, Rocksmith. Members of Haas’ cohorts competed against each other in an effort to prove their cohorts guitar-playing prowess. The evening went to the 2013 Campanile cohort who destroyed the competition and snagged a rockn’ 50 points which brought them into 2nd place among the 2013 cohorts. The  standings are as follows:

Class of 2012:

Telegraph: 130 Points

California: 40 Points

Bear: 30 Points

Oski: 30 Points

Sproul: 30 Points

Axe: 10 Points

Class of 2013:

Blue: 160 Points

Campanile: 140 Points

Gold: 100 Points

Bancroft: 80 Points

Shattuck: 80 Points

Haaski: 60 Points

This is still anyone’s game. The HBSA and Haas’ cohort leaders are working to put together even more fun and engaging challenges. Coming up next is the 2011 Cohort Canned Food Drive, a chance for students to go beyond themselves and also

Your Next Mission

take the lead in points. Dresden John was nice enough to set up a cohort points tracking website (you can view it by clicking here) for anyone interested in keeping up to date on the current point totals. The food drive will begin on November 9th and last until November 23rd. keep an eye out for an email from your cohort leaders with more information.

Jim Block

So that’s where we stand, and it will be interesting to see if the cohorts at the top of the leaderboard keep their spot. For those of you still wondering what you’ll be fighting for, the prize for the winning 2012 and 2013 cohorts this semester is a professional photo shoot (taken by Jim Block) for each member of the winning cohorts.

For those with more questions or concerns regarding the cohort program or suggestions for possible future cohort prizes, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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