HBSA Elections: Candidate Profiles

Starting on Monday November 14th, 2011 and running until Friday November 18th, 2011, the Haas Business School Association (HBSA) will be hosting elections for their vice presidential positions. Since the elected officers will be serving the students of Haas, all undergraduates are invited to cast their vote for next semester’s HBSA officers. Voting materials as well as the ballot box can be found in the lower part of the Bank of America Forum between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. The HBSA Vice Presidential candidates have provided some background information on themselves for the Haas Undergraduate Blog, and that information is presented here for your benefit.

Candidates for Vice President of Community Development


Natalie Yadegar

Name:  Natalie Yadegar

Class Of: 2013

Personal Statement

Greetings fellow Haas classmates! My name is Natalie Yadegar and I am thrilled to be running for Vice President of Community Development within the Haas Student Business Association. Upon arriving at Berkeley, I was quickly exposed to a world of extraordinary networks and brilliant individuals. I have come to deeply value the privilege of being surrounded by a truly extraordinary community of kind-hearted, hard-working, and intelligent people. As a junior at Berkeley, double-majoring in Business and English, I am passionate about several things, including music, writing, innovation and entrepreneurship, and building meaningful relationships. As VP of Community Development, I aim to build a sense of camaraderie among Haas students and create opportunities to develop life-long relationships with fellow classmates.  In the midst of midterms and the past-paced nature of Cal, I hope to inspire solidarity within the Haas Community and positively strengthen our network at Haas.

Candidates for Vice President of Diversity


Omosalewa Adeyemi

Name: Omosalewa Adeyemi

Class Of: 2013

Personal Statement

 My name is Omosalewa Adeyemi and I have been an active member of HBSA for four months now . I have been interning for the diversity committee. The diversity committee of HBSA recognizes that we have a very diverse student pool at Haas and our primary function is to celebrate this very diverse culture.

I am accepting the HBSA VP of Diversity Committee because I would like to be more involved with the committee. Being a part of this committee is important to me because diversity fosters creativity and creativity is essential to our individual advancements as well as societal advancement. As VP of diversity, I plan to celebrate and encourage a diverse community.

Go Bears!

Candidates for Vice President of Internal Development


Andrew Yassa

Name: Andrew Yassa

Class Of: 2013

Personal Statement

 My name is Andrew Yassa and I am a continuing junior here at Cal, majoring in Business Administration and Applied Mathematics. I love to travel, explore, and meet new people. I am an avid golfer and enjoy taking long, aimless bike rides around Berkeley. In the future I aspire to work in S&T, but in the meantime I want to make the most out of my time here at Haas by being active in the community and by building strong bonds with faculty, with staff, and of course with all of my fellow Haas undergrads. If you are taking 196 with Selinger this semester, drop me a “hello” before or after class— it is always nice to get extra feedback on the course or just chat with classmates.

Candidates for Vice President of Student Services and Outreach


Grace Marlin

Name: Grace Marlin

Class Of: 2013

Personal Statement

I came to Haas this fall, hoping to learn more about starting, and running businesses, so one day I can have my own.  The longer that I am here, the more that I have been learning about the complexity of the world of business, as well as the opportunities that are in it.  I have grown very passionate about ensuring that other students have the same opportunities as I have had here at Haas.  This is why I want to help incoming students prepare for the journey that they will take upon arrival.  It is a bit overwhelming at first, with everything coming to you at once.  I joined HBSA my first semester, and have served as an Intern on the Student Services & Outreach committee.  As I have observed, there are a lot of opportunities within HBSA, and I hope to take advantage of them and make them available to the whole student body.  Therefore, I accepted the nomination for the Vice President of Student Services & Outreach.  One of my main projects would be to create a program that would assist incoming students in their adjustment to Haas.  I would work hand-in-hand with administration to ensure that all the resources that are available would be tapped in to.  I am always available if you have any questions.  Thank you!  – Grace

Tyler Wishnoff

Name: Tyler Wishnoff

Class Of: 2013

Personal Statement:

Since arriving at Haas I have been continually impressed by the knowledge and character of the school’s student body. There is no doubt in my mind that each and every student at the Haas school will go on to do great things, not just for themselves but for the world. It is the brilliance of Haas’ students which drove me to accept the nomination for Vice President of Student Services and Outreach, and it is that same brilliance which pushed me to do everything I could to improve your Haas experience this semester. For the last four months I have worked as an intern for the HBSA’s Student Services and Outreach committee as well as their Professional Development committee helping to host fun and informative events at the Haas school as well as improve current student services. Also my participation with the Haas Undergraduate Blog has let me put together informative articles (such as the one on the Haas curve) that could keep the student body more informed and involved. All of this has been fueled by my passion for helping make the lives of Haas students easier, so that they may have the support and the resources to continue to be the awesome people I know they are. If elected as Vice President of Student Services and Outreach I will continue to uphold my commitment to the students of Haas and do everything in my power to make your Haas experience unforgettable.

Candidates for Vice President of Marketing


Alan Cheng

Name: Alan Cheng

Class Of: 2013

Personal Statement

Dear Friends at Haas,

I am truly genuinely honored to have accepted the nomination for Vice President of Marketing of the Haas Business School Association. I hope to serve in this position because of my willingness to learn and enthusiasm. As a junior, I have still got a lot to learn from all of you, and I am willing to work even harder to learn from other experienced executive officers. If elected, my action plan is to first consult the current VP of Marketing about any on going projects that she would think is necessary for me to carry on doing. Then, I would seek the advice of other executive officers and see in which area they think I should address in order to go in line with the team’s executive direction. For marketing products, I would hope to continue promoting Haas through the popular T-shirts. For social media marketing, I would work closely with the Haas Undergraduate Programs and see whether we can make good use of all possible channels to promote Haas values and events. I promise that I will work hard to serve you all to the best of my ability, pull overnighters if I have to, because I believe it with Adidas and Nike that – Impossible Is Nothing, I will Just Do It!

When you vote, please kindly remember:

Vote for Alan,

Vote for Commitment!


Candidates for Vice President of Professional Development

Corey Elliott

Name: Corey Elliott

Class Of: 2013

Personal Statement





Those are your candidates for the 2012 Spring Semester, if you have any questions regarding the election, members at the HBSA voting table will be more than happy to assist you. Also if you require additional information on the candidates, informational packets are located at the HBSA voting table.

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