Class of 2012-2013 Orientation Photos and the Virtual Cohort Challenge

It’s a fresh semester and that means a fresh cohort challenge. Before we look at the new challenge let’s take a look at the current standings:

Class of 2012

1st – Telegraph (280 Pts.)

2nd – Oski (80 Pts.)

3rd – California (60 Pts.)

4th – Bear (30 Pts.)

4th – Sproul (30 Pts.)

5th – Axe (10 Pts.)

Class of 2013

1st – Shattuck (890 Pts.)

2nd – Haaski (390 Pts.)

3rd – Gold (260 Pts.)

4th – Blue (210 Pts.)

5th – Bancroft (120 Pts.)

6th – Campanile (100 Pts.)

Now after a look at those scores some of you may be wondering how to help your cohort catch up, or how to maintain you cohort’s lead. The answer to that is the Cohort Facebook Challenge. Many of you should have received and email this week regarding the challenge and should be receiving more details from your respective cohort leaders as well. For those of you that don’t feel like digging through your already overflowing inboxes here are the details:

Class of 2012 Orientation

Starting Monday January 30th and ending Friday February 3rd each cohort will earn points daily for every member that is using a photo from their class’s orientation as their Facebook profile picture. HBSA Facebook admins will total the number of daily participants at the end of the week and the most active cohort will receive 800 points.

Let me repeat that 800 points.

That’s enough to put any winning cohort in the lead. This is a great change for any cohort to get back in the game and the best part is that participation in a cohort challenge has never been easier. All you have to do is look at the photos from orientation, find one you like and use it for just this week. That’s it, it takes only seconds to participate and gets your cohort valuable points. Odds are you’re probably logged into Facebook right now so why not follow one of these links and choose a photo you like and give your cohort a hand.

Class of 2012 Orientation:

Class of 2013 Orientation:

[If you are having trouble setting an album photo as your new profile photo, try this first:

Class of 2013 Orientation

1. Tag yourself first in the photo, go to your profile, and then make it your profile photo.

2. Make sure you are connected to the Haas Undergraduate Program’s Facebook page by “liking” it.

3. If that still doesn’t work, download the photo you like , and re-upload it as your new profile picture.]

And for those of you that may have forgotten what you’re playing for:

Jim Block

The prize for the members of the winning senior and junior cohorts is a personal professional photo shoot, shot  by the same individual responsible for these orientation photos as well as many other amazing Haas photos, Jim Block.

The title of top cohort is still up for grabs, and it will be interesting to see how the current standings have changed by the end of the semester.

Good luck cohorts.

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