SF-HAN Chapter President on HAN-SF Undergraduate Leadership Award

After attending my first San Francisco Haas Alumni Chapter Event, I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Aaron Mendelson, the current President of the San Francisco Chapter Board.  Mr. Mendelson earned his MBA from Haas in 2002 and works at Credit Suisse where he is a Director within the firm’s Private Bank, focusing on the people, companies and investing funds of the venture capital community. 

As the President of the San Francisco Chapter Board, Mr. Mendelson is dedicated is spreading the mission of the San Francisco Alumni Network to advance and promote the visibility and reputation of Haas by engaging with Alumni.  After assuming his position in 2005, Mr. Mendelson and fellow Board members have been invested in supporting current Haas students especially during this time of tuition increases. According to Mr. Mendelson, “It’s long overdue.”

The focus of our conversation was the HAN-SF Undergraduate Leadership Award that is open to all incoming, current and provisionally accepted Haas students. Through this scholarship, Mr. Mendelson has seen alumni give back with their time and advocacy of the program.  “With HULA, there is always a way to give back whether it is reading applications or financially.” 

The HAN-SF Undergraduate Leadership seeks to reward exemplary cases of applied and potential leadership. According to Mr. Mendelson, “It doesn’t have to be an alpha leader. There is no shortage of how to define ‘leadership’. The purpose of HULA is to uncover diamonds in the rough.” 

“In cases of historical leaders, the one commonality is a sense of vision. Even the most reluctant leaders are those who take action to create positive change,” says Mr. Mendelson.

 As you all prepare to submit your applications, make sure to take Mr. Mendelson’s advice.

 Good luck!

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