HBSA Elections: Candidate Profiles – Spring Edition

From Monday, April 16th to Friday, April 20th, The Haas Business School Association will be voting on the next team of executives for the Haas School’s student government. Voting will start at 11:00 AM and polls will close at 2:30 PM during election week. Alternatively, you may vote on line though CampusGroups by clicking here. Offline voting will take place in the lower half of the Bank of America Forum.

Video speeches and more information from the candidates can be found here.

In an effort to help keep the student body more informed on the candidates and their platforms, The Haas Undergraduate Blog is providing statements from the candidates themselves.


Tyler Wishnoff

Tyler Wishnoff

It is with great enthusiasm that I accept the nomination for HBSA President. For months now I have worked closely with the Faculty, Administration, and Student Body to improve the undergraduate experience, and strengthen the culture at Haas. Over this past year I have put together a series of plans that will fundamentally change both HBSA and the undergraduate program at Haas.

These plans are the result of hours of research, personal experiences, and input from members of the Haas community just like you. These plans will not just improve your time at Haas, but ultimately will help to make your degree even more desirable when you enter the labor force. These plans will help ensure my goals listed below can be attained, but it is only with your support that I will have the power to work with our administration and see these plans to fruition.

My breadth of experience, and my knowledge of this school put me in a unique position to serve you more effectively than any other candidate.

Please, lend me your support and let’s make this school even better than it was when we arrived.

Go Bears!

Grace Marlin

Grace Marlin

In running for President, I seek to utilize my past experience as student body president at Merritt College, as well as my experience within HBSA as the Vice President for Student Services and Outreach, in order to serve and represent the undergraduate students at the Haas School of Business.

If elected, my main goals are to: establish a bridge program for incoming students to ensure equal opportunities for academic success; evaluate new revenue streams for HBSA in order to provide the most comprehensive representation to Haas students; strengthen relationships with clubs and fraternities to co-host events; and maintain a highly visible presence within the Haas community by strengthening relationships with alumni and recruiters. My personal leadership style is to be honest, open, and available, so please contact me if you have any questions!

 Executive Vice President

Corey Elliott

Corey Elliott

Haas Undergraduate Community,

It is an honor and a privilege to announce that I am running for the office of Executive Vice President of the Haas Business School Association (HBSA) for the 2012 – 2013 academic year. My term as the next Executive Vice President will emphasize three major objectives: completely revamping the broken cohort system, strengthening alumni relationships, and reaching out to the rest of the UC Berkeley campus.

I have a strong background in student government, both before and after I came to Haas. Before I came to Cal, I was the Business Senator for two semesters at Solano Community College. Upon arriving at Haas last semester, I joined HBSA and served in the finance committee. This semester, I served as the Vice President of Professional Development, and I served in this capacity by making substantial procedural improvements to HBSA in addition to hosting career-related events and volunteering for countless others within other departments. These strong qualifications allow me to be very confident in my ability to fulfill the numerous significant roles of the Executive Vice President.

These are exciting times for HBSA, and as the next Executive Vice President I will lead the organization into a new direction. By the time I leave, the HBSA will be a strong and influential voice of the undergraduate students at Haas; it will facilitate networking connections across classes, clubs, and educational backgrounds; and it will have strong ties with the Associated Students of the University of California and with the rest of the campus as a whole. With your vote, we can make this vision become a reality. Thank you.

 Vice President of Professional Development

Natalie Yadegar

Natalie Yadegar

Fellow Haas students, I humbly accept the nomination to run for Vice President of Professional Development for the Haas Business Student Association. As the VP of Community Development within HBSA for the last two semesters, I am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary to successfully plan and orchestrate professional events. I would be honored and thrilled to be able to take what I have learned this semester to a more professional context and make an even larger impact on the Haas community in the coming semester.

As VP of Community Development, I have been the force behind events such as the Walk to Cream, Hike to Big C, and all of your cohort challenges. It has been my goal this year to inspire solidarity within the Haas community and build strong networks outside of the merely academic sphere of Haas. As VP of Professional Development, I hope to develop our community in a new way, through professional events such as case competitions, office visits, and interview etiquette and resume critique workshops.

My professional development is very important to me, as I am sure yours is important to you. I humbly ask you for your support and to entrust in me the position of VP of Professional Development. I have had an absolutely wonderful year serving the Haas community thus far in HBSA and I look forward to another thrilling semester of blossoming friendships and meaningful learning experiences. Please vote Natalie Yadegar for VP of Professional Development.

Thank you!

  Vice President of Community Development

Raychel Katz

Raychel Katz

Current Haas Undergraduates:

I am honored to accept the nomination for Vice President of Community Development for the Fall 2012 semester.  As an enthusiastic member of the Haas community, I am determined to serve the Haas undergraduates and to provide them with an eventful semester full of memorable experiences.

As students at one of the greatest undergraduate programs in the nation, we often become so competitive with one another that we lose out on valuable bonding experiences. Though we see each other every day, it is my goal that we take these relationships one step further and create a network that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Over the last semester, I have been an extremely involved member of HBSA in which I worked on the Community Development committee.  While on the committee, I spoke with several Haas undergraduates in order to organize events that appealed to the students. It was this brainstorming that helped me come up with some new ideas including the free trip to CREAM event and the Hike to the Big C.

As Vice President of Community Development, I will be open to all suggestions from the Haas students in order to organize the types of events that will engage the undergraduates and foster a high turn out rate. I believe that I am well qualified to take the position and am asking for your vote.

I look forward to working with all of you to make this the best semester yet!

Go Bears!

 Vice President of Diversity

Omosalewa Adeyemi

 Omosalewa  Adeyemi

My name is Omosalewa Adeyemi and I have been an active member of HBSA for the past year. This semester, I have been working with HBSA as the VP of Diversity. The Diversity Committee of HBSA recognizes that we have a very diverse student pool at Haas and our primary function is to celebrate this very diverse culture and address any undergraduate student issues that are related to diversity.

I am running to be the HBSA VP of Diversity Committee because I would like to be continue working with the committee. Being a part of this committee is important to me because diversity fosters creativity and creativity is essential to our individual advancements as well as societal advancement. As VP of diversity, I plan to celebrate and encourage a diverse community.

I am looking forward to continue to work with HBSA’s Diversity Committee.

Go Bears!

 Vice President of Academics

Hee Jin (Rosa) Huh

Hee Jin (Rosa) Huh





Vice President of MBA/Alumni Relations

Amy Gonzalez

Amy Gonzalez

Dear Haas Community,

It would be an honor for me to serve as a liaison between undergraduates here at Haas and our vast network of notable Alumni and MBAs across the world. As VP of Alumni/MBA Relations, I want to help bridge the gap between these constituencies by creating more events that encourage both informal and professional interaction.

Alumni and MBAs represent a valuable source of knowledge that undergraduates can greatly benefit from. In the same way, I believe undergraduates can enrich MBAs’ experience at Haas by providing a more varied perspective of business, while also allowing the MBA students to practice their leadership skills as they mentor undergraduates. Haas is widely known for the support and strength of the ties within its network and I will do my best to ensure this remains true in the following year and for years to come.

During my time at community college I was actively involved in the student government, where I served as Vice President of the Community Learning Center. Here, I was able to voice the concerns of a previously neglected and underrepresented campus of 4,000 diverse students.  I was also involved in Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, The Honors Scholar Program and I worked as a Student Ambassador for two years. Here I developed a passion for organizing events and bringing diverse communities together, something that I hope to continue to do at large here at Haas.

I look forward to working hard with the HBSA team to provide professional events and social activities that enhance the Haas experience for everyone. Thank you for your consideration and GO BEARS!

Vice President of Finance

Alan Cheng

Alan Cheng

Dear Friends at Haas,

I am truly genuinely honored to have accepted the nomination for Executive Vice President of the Haas Business School Association.

Having had elected by you all to the current position of Vice President of Marketing, I have really cherished this golden opportunity granted by all of you to perform my daily duties in this position, and I have tried my best to seek every possible way to learn more from all of you in order to serve you all to the best of my ability. I really enjoyed learning from all the people whom I have worked with in the effective meetings, the great events, and the preparations, etc.

But no matter how hard I tried, or how much I treasured this great chance offered by all of you, the reality is the reality, my term of office, as Vice President of Marketing, has really almost come to an end.

As I will be staying here at Haas for the next year, I would like to continue to serve all of you at the student government, and this time in the capacity of the Executive Vice President.

With the previous experience granted by all of you, I know it is not a guarantee that I will be reelected because the decision still lies on every one of you. That’s why I will work even harder.

With the previous experience granted by all of you, it may be a bit jump start for me to start addressing the concerns that we all have here at Haas because I am familiar with the operations of the student government and will then be able to assist the President during the next executive term. That’s why I will work even harder.

With the previous experience granted by all of you, I am ready, ready to fight hard for the sake of all of you, hoping to maximize the Haas undergraduate experience and to minimize the obstacles ahead of you through my industrious hard work. That’s why I will work even harder.

I hope to serve with the team again due to my willingness to learn and enthusiasm.

I guarantee all of you that I will definitely try my very best to fight for all of you, work until 5 o’clock in the morning every day if I have to, because I believe it with Adidas and Nike that – Impossible Is Nothing, I will Just Do It!

When you vote, please kindly remember:

Vote for Alan, Vote for Commitment!

Thanks and Go Bears!

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