Summer Reading: ImagiCal Takes First In National Student Advertising Competition Regionals

ImagiCal’s wonderful presentation team (From left to right: Charles Kemp, Krutika Dave, Alexandra Myers, Anirudh Gupta, Sofia Dewar)

By all accounts it has been a successful year for Berkeley students. It seems like competition after competition Berkeley manages to walk away with the blue ribbon, and ImagiCal is no exception to this pattern. ImagiCal, the only advertising focused organization on campus, recently emerged victorious at the National Student Advertising Competition Regionals in Reno Nevada. The National Student Advertising Competition is the country’s largest annual college advertising competition with over 150 universities participating each year.  After winning the regional portion of the event ImagiCal will contend with 16 other teams at the AdAmerica conference. This is a tremendous accomplishment for Berkeley, which normally isn’t considered a top advertising university, but with ImagiCal’s recent win, along with its attendance at seven previous nationals, it proves the caliber of Cal students. It’s also worth noting that ImagiCal has been besting teams from universities that offer classes devoted just to winning this competition while maintaining ImagiCal as a completely student run affair.

This year the National Student Advertising Competition’s case was to create an advertising campaign for Nissan.

The victorious ImagiCal team

The target market was 18-29 year old Hispanics, African Americans, and Chinese Millennials. Each team was required to create a 32-page plansbook and a 20-minute pitch for the regional level competition. ImagiCal created the tagline “Redefine Tomorrow” which they chose because it spoke to the innovative and uncompromising attitude of the target market, which is an attitude shared by Nissan. In order to properly portray this ImagiCal showcased Nissan’s innovations inside and outside of the car industry.

While their campaign won the day, achieving victory was a hard-fought battle. Their 33-member team put in hours of effort and the team’s presenters had to practice extensively for the 20 mute pitch. For those looking to participate in similar competitions ImagiCal had some advice.

  • Plan and schedule very carefully but also leave room for improvisation.
  • College students often won’t work without a deadline in front of them so setting goals and putting a timeline into place can help.
  • Delegation is important, not only does it increase the quality of work it also brings up morale by making sure nobody is taking on too much.

    Thanks to ImagiCal it is

As far as classes go ImagiCal believes that any business, marketing, and media classes can give students valuable skills as well as insight, which can be a tremendous boon when competing in advertising competitions.

In regards to ImagiCal as an organization and its place at Berkeley there’s a lot to say. The organization was founded in 1980 and takes in students across all majors, with the majority being non-Haas majors. ImagiCal helps to expand the creative skills of their members along with building their critical thinking abilities and helping them hone their instincts for connecting with consumers. Members are also exposed to real-world advertising experience through industry and alumni connections. Even the organization functions like an advertising agency with its different departments. Students who are interested in joining the great ImagiCal team should email recruit@calaaf.comand keep in mind that ImagiCal recruits only once a year in the fall.

Thanks to the entire ImagiCal team who helped provide the insight needed to create this article.

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