Recap: HAN-SF Presents Chocolate Tasting & Wine Pairing – Education With The Experts At Ghirardelli And Justin Vineyards

It has been a banner year so far for HAN-SF in the events category. From an insightful networking evening with professor Eli Kass to its momentous May 1st gathering with Doug Leone, the San Francisco chapter of the Haas Alumni Network has been providing the Haas community with great opportunities to build strong connections and have a wonderful time.

The view alone was worth the price of admission

HAN-SF shows no sign of slowing down, just this last week it hosted another blockbuster event where it brought Haas alumni together for an evening of fine wine and amazing chocolate. Held on the 25th floor of the JP Morgan Chase building in the Bryan Cave LLP offices the event offered a stunning view of the Bay Area that provided a picturesque setting for the memorable evening that followed.

The vendors for the event were top notch. Justin Vineyards & Winery supplied the wine and Ghirardelli made sure that plenty of chocolate was on hand; even Fiji water was present to make sure the attendees could balance out their drinking.

Speaking of attendees it was a full house, that’s right the event was sold out completely and at $25 it was a deal to rival Groupon. With a ton of alumni, and great food and wine this was easily one of the best networking events in recent HAN-SF history.

Here’s how it all went down:

Trust me when I tell you there was plenty of chocolate

When the guests arrived they were greeted with a table various chocolates (compliments of Ghirardelli) and a table of Justin winery wines. It was all you could eat and drink and there was plenty to go around. There wasn’t an empty stomach or glass in sight all evening. For the first half hour alumni networked and caught up on recent events, after that it was time for the main event of the night: a chocolate tasting hosted by Ghirardelli.

Being a Haas event meant that the ‘Students Always’ mentality was ever present and the attendees didn’t just want to learn about the chocolate they’d be eating, they wanted to learn about its origins and the supply chain that is so integral in the chocolate making process. Ghirardelli didn’t disappoint either, they came prepared with a presentation that walked the tasters through the chocolate making process, from tree to bean to bar.

Haas alumni and friends enjoying another HAN-SF event

After learning about where their chocolate came from it came time to learn about tasting and how to recognize percentages of Cacao in chocolate. To teach this Ghirardelli gave each taster a selection of chocolates and a guide that would help them judge each piece. After judging a piece they would place it on the mat before them that specified what they thought that piece was (was it white chocolate? What % Cacao was it?). After figuring it out for themselves (or in some cases skipping the activity and just eating their chocolate) the team from Ghirardelli walked the tasters through what chocolates were what and the tricks necessary to consistently know what you’re eating.

Just a few of the HAN-SF members that made the evening a reality

Following the chocolate tasting the representative from Justin winery gave a humor filled and insightful presentation on the evening’s spirits and their origins. Tasting and socializing continued well past the scheduled ending time but eventually it was time to call it a night.

All things considered HAN-SF did an amazing job bringing together the Haas community and giving them an unforgettable evening.

For more information on HAN-SF or updates on their next great event visit their website here, or follow them on Facebook.

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