Class of 2014 New Student Orientation – Part 1

Yesterday our staff had the pleasure of welcoming  our new Haas Undergraduate  Class of 2014 to Haas. This year, our New Student Orientation included an interactive game to allow students to get to know their cohort members.

Your “Gamemakers” are taking over your blog today to declare a winner. Of course, we hope that one of our new bloggers will write a student perspective article soon (Part 2). On that note, it’s not too late to apply to be a blogger (.pdf).

Big thanks to Tyler Wishnoff and all of your amazing 2014 Cohort Leaders! Thanks to everyone who tweeted. Take a look at all #HaasCohorts tweets by clicking here. Congratulations and welcome to all six 2014 cohorts (photos below).

Dinko, Head “Gamemaker”

Point Calculation and Winner
Here is how we determined the winning cohort.

The Oracle
Five cohort teams went to see the Oracle, and the fee for that is 2 points. Every cohort gets two points deducted except for Axe.

Group Photos
Tyler Wishnoff is awarding 10 points to each cohort for your excellent photos (please scroll down to enjoy them)

Twitter Extra Points
Navneet Singh and Valentina Fung earn 4 points for Axe. Justin Li and Rosemary Hua win 4 points for Bear with their tweets. Aneri Shah earns extra 3 points for California with their fun slogan “Keep Calm and Cali On!” Nik Crain and Sophia Yu earn 4 points for Oski. However, there is one twitter user who clearly stands out with her excellent and many tweets and photos. Our twitter expert is Stephanie Tran and she wins 5 points for Telegraph giving them one extra point lead to win the entire game:

Axe 61
Bear 61
California 55
Oski 60
Sproul 55
Telegraph 62 (Winning Cohort)

Here is our detailed point breakdown (.xls). Congratulations Telegraph Cohort! Welcome Undergraduate Class of 2014.

Axe Cohort. Twitter credit: Trevor Shih
Bear Cohort. Twitter credit: Rosemary Hua
California Cohort. Twitter credit: Aneri Shah
Oski Cohort. Twitter credit: Sophia Yu
Sproul Cohort. Twitter credit: Matt Johnson

Telegraph Cohort. Twitter credit: Stephanie Tran

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