Out 4 Business: How One Berkeley Club Is Questioning The Status Quo

Like any enterprising business student, Sean Drimmel saw an underserved demographic and took action. Utilizing his network and partnering with other like-minded students, Sean helped launch Out 4 Business (O4B), a campus organization focused on connecting those with interests in the LGBT community with the business world.

The source of inspiration for O4B came from Sean’s earlier experiences at Cal. He explained that when he first arrived he joined up with a business club and a gay fraternity on campus. While both groups had a lot to offer, Sean felt that there was an opportunity to bring together the best of both.

Sean wasn’t alone in his opinion, he teamed up with student Jeff Li (his co-founder) and together they assembled a founding team for the organization. Those founding members include: Aekawin Vongasavarit (CFO), Andrew Rohrlich (CMO), and Ciaran Clemmow (COO). There has been a very positive response to their new group. Not only has O4B picked up support from the faculty, administration, and student body, but O4B has also attracted the attention of the Bay Area’s business community.

O4B’s Executive (and founding) team

This attention has brought with it tremendous professional development connections for the group. For example, Dot429 (a gay/lesbian professional network) has partnered with O4B to hold a unique networking event in San Francisco on September 12th. In addition to Dot429, Echelon Magazine recently posted an article that praised O4B and the positive benefits it has brought into the LGBT and business community.

When asked about the organization’s focus, Sean explained that professional development was at the top of the list. Sean was also quick to point out that there was also an inherent social side to the group that linked students together through a common bond, in this case the LGBT community.

O4B is a prime example of a group that questions the status quo, it looked upon the organizational landscape of Berkeley and created something new and exciting, opening up more opportunities on campus and showing the rest of the world that Berkeley is Out 4 Business.

Interested in joining O4B or one of O4B’s upcoming events? They’re hosting an info session on the 7th of September (Haas’ own Eric Abrams, Director of Diversity will be there), and there will also be the Dot429 networking event of September 12th. Reach out to O4B on Facebook or email them at: O4B@Berkeley@Gmail.Com.


Special thanks to O4B for providing photos.

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